Tucana Intelligence Law

That one my friend, the Lynno Typpo came back to bind and of this time literally it was attacked against what it called state of U.T.I (Tucana Unit of Intelligence ) where if finds So Paulo, makes 15 years. It wanted to know the reason of the revolt and it was soon saying, not without before relembrar its origin of the English nobility, the history of I do not know who, I do not know who, I do not know; to be known of almost the relative of I do not know who, I do not know who, I do not know who After that, it told the facts to follow, all on account and risk of the experience lived for it, or badly would be lived? Good, just inaugurated in Campinas, the Metropolitan Corridor of Urban Transport, he only left three points of bus central offices in the Suleste avenue, enters the Clover of the Bosch and the Center, being thus kilometric distances between them. This was not enough, Unit of Tucana Intelligence Law of the right Motion Mountain range also hinders to pitar in semicovered place. I was imagining who will be fined if some using patient saint of the bus to decide to smoke in the platform. It will be that it would be the state? Therefore in the bars, if the customer to smoke the culprit is the owner and it she can be fined, therefore or it arranges comprehensive and educated customers; or he leaves he covers in it and one knows there what he can happen; or he calls the Policy to arrest the smoker, since he seems that the violence indices are not high and the Policy is with time to also act in said situations lesser. Click Jack Fusco for additional related pages. If well, that who does not remember the policemen molded in U.T.I.

So Paulo that, instead of giving esculacho in the teacher and director and saying that they had more what to make, they had preferred to arrest and to take for a dangerous Police station one? She was a student of first series (of the Basic one exactly), with little more than seven years, that presented neurological problems and therefore all would be putting at risk the direction of the school. I imagined also if, in the case of an rebellious smoker to finish prisoner, not for smoking, but eventually for a beat-mouth, that would turn disregard, it will be able to smoke in the chain, that is closed place? If, it will not be that the Palace of the Bandeirantes ordered the emendation so that the Parallel Government? (It has hour that it seems that alone has a government in So Paulo and obviously is not U.T.I. ) so that the correct places to smoke are enclosed in the Statute of the Arrests? Ah, I am not smoking, but I do not find certain to become a habit in contravention and not to punish practises who it, but yes owners of establishments. To finish, then that U.T.I. follows our suggestion of rebelled user of interurban bus (when it has).