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Theodosia Theodosius resort – one of the oldest cities in the world. Founded in the middle of VI century BC, originally from the Greek city of Miletus (Asia Minor). They gave the city its name – "God-given 'or' gift of the gods'. Feodosia is situated on the coast in the south-eastern part of Crimea. Weather in our region is stable thanks to a good location, and as a result of the bathing season nachinaetsya much earlier, and rose as much in October. On our site you will be able to gather information about Theodosia, learn about the museums, landmarks and famous people whose lives have been linked to Feodosia. Also, you can learn how to get to the Crimea, our city, the cost of recreation in Feodosia acquainted with transport timetables, see the map of the city of Feodosia and Crimea peninsula, as well as watch our waterfront in a mode online.

You'll also learn how and where to go sightseeing in the Black Sea, and where go paragliding on which beach is better to rest, and what other types of recreation to choose. For you, to the east of the Crimea, there are many lodges, campgrounds, private hotels and villas. Theodosius holiday resorts, private vacation, family, active, rest home to your rest period in the Crimea. We offer services for the meeting posted on your pre-selection of photos on our site. Basically, we offer accommodation in the private sector of the city Theodosia and the surrounding villages! If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them, in any convenient way for you on our web site.