The Shell

However, there is no need to all parts of it served the purpose of food, it carries only its rear end, which is called the choroid. As for the part, which is given for the border front, it becomes more thick-skinned heavenly color between white and black, in order to collect the visual power and light to moderate its action as we camouflage with EYE, seeking refuge in the dark or in a combination of dark and light, and in order to form a barrier between moisture and the cornea is very hard to be a balancing mediate between them, and even to nourish the cornea so that she receives from the choroid. In front it is not completely covered his eyes so as not to impede the penetration of visible images objects, and leaves in his front slit or hole, as happens with the grapes, if she is to tear peduncles. Through this hole is the penetration of the image, if it is closed, the vision terminated. The inner surface of the shell of this vineyard is fuzzy body in the place where she meets up with ledenistoy moisture, so they look more like a loose and soft on the body and thus avoid damage from touch to it. Grape shell is harder in front of her, where she meets up with a solid cornea, as well as where it has an opening for the sake of his circle was tight. This hole is full of moisture already mentioned for the sake of profit, but also full of air, as indicated by the appearance of wrinkles in the eye before the visual aperture when approaching death.

As to the second shell, it is very thick in order to be well behaved. Its back is solid and thick shell, the front part of the same around the entire pupil and transparent in order not to obstruct vision. This part is the color of a piece of antler, refined by filing and scraping, and because is called the cornea. She is thick in the front and in reality as it is composed of four thin layers, which can be compared with the provisions of one another kozhurkami, in order not to harm has occurred, if one of them would be ripoffs, especially that part which lies against the eye holes, as this is the place most in need of cover and protection. As for the third shell, then it merges with the motor muscles and all eyes sprouted white fat meat to the eye, and age was soft and to prevent them from drying out. All of this membrane are collectively called the connective membrane. As for the muscles of the eyeball, then we have to They've already mentioned in anatomy. As to the lashes, then they are created to reflect what goes into the eye, and that falls on it from his head, and to temper the light of his blackness.

Their roots are sitting in a kind of shell-like cartilage, for that they are firmly held and did not fall because of weakness of the landing site and to the muscle that opens the eye, would have fulcrum, as the bones, so she moved well eyelid. Part of the century are as follows: skin, then a layer connective membrane, then its fat, then his muscles, then the last layer. This is the upper eyelid. As for the bottom, he had no muscle. A place that is dangerous to cut, there is something, which is located above the inner corner of the eye, the beginning of the muscle.