The Interests

His son told him that once is adapted to the new situation, I would feel that work was not neither better or worse to the developed so far, would just be different. During dinner, the rain that night, the gloom surrounding the restaurant table, the slowness with which articulated words and his gaze, drew me a person aged, tired, return everything. In the past two years she had lived, in his own words, a brutal professional and human experience; I wanted to understand brutal in the sense of difficult, hard. In his role as physician of the company, using a particular and perhaps incomplete metaphor of business process analyst, had tried to implement performance standards issued by competent bodies: analysis of the organisation, processes, maintenance of the effectiveness of the systems of management, detection of deviations, proposal of improvements, had burned and opted to resign. Often request the resignation of politicians, senior administration officials and executives of large companies for conduct not ethical. So difficult is according to certain rules, to be objective, ensuring the economic advantage of corporations, by their human and material resources by the interests of customers and suppliers, and, at the same time, practicing a business ethics it? It depends on your approach to work, your career, your values and what you pretend to get in this life, he replied. Then retorted, your focus, your career, your values, they have not tuned with the entrepreneurial culture of the Corporation. Exactly, that is what happened, replied, I differ with him professionally for many of the approaches on the part of the Board of Directors and there have not been the necessary conditions so that I could develop my work fully; I have argued these situations in the appropriate forums and I have proposed alternatives. Seeing that we were walking blithely toward a precipice, I’ve plunged into a spiral of sadness and impotence and given that neither the company nor I cannot afford the luxury of losing time and money, I have chosen to resign to my since.