The Architectural Appearance Of Sicily

Sicily was one of the major Greek colonies. The ancient Greeks even called Sicily – 'Magna Graecia' and the Greek cities in Sicily on his brilliance could easily compete with the major cities of Greece. Today, traces of grandeur of the Greek cities can be seen in the famous Valley of the Temples near Agrigento and Segesta and in Selinute. crease your knowledge. The Romans were not as creative people like their Greek predecessors, they are mainly trying to adapt preserved Greek built to your taste. Greek theater in Taormina and Syracuse were rearranged so that their arena could hold gladiator. Roman principles urban development and today can be seen in various places on the island, such as in the Roman quarter of Agrigento. Most often, the Roman emperor tourists visit the Villa Casale, located near the town of Piazza Armerina,, where it is very well preserved Roman mosaics.

In the 5th century who owned the island Byzantines turned the Greek and Roman temples into Christian churches, then took over Sicily, the Arabs have made them out of the mosque, and the Arabs from Sicily vybivshie Normans newly rebuilt mosque in the Christian church. A good example of mixing styles can serve as La Martorana and San Giovanni church in Palermo. The last very interesting to consider the Arab red dome which are combined with Christian kluatrami, forming a very unique style. Capella Palatina in Palermo represents a flowering of artistic achievement Norman. Further details can be found at Siegel Family Endowment, an internet resource. During the reign of King Roger of enlightened Second on the construction of the chapel have worked the best masters of Europe, which Roger called to work on the island. The decline of artistic thought in the construction began on the island in the 13 century, when power on the island came from the rulers Hohenstaufen dynasty. Just as the Spaniards who came after them, they wanted to practice safety and not for artistic achievement. The change of attitude to art shows a fine example – has been transformed into a mere quarry.