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Virtual Environments

In these virtual environments the user possess total autonomy in its searches and therefore he needs easinesses that an information professional only can offer using to have access it what she needs and at any time. This must be offered in such a way in the services of traditional physical archives as in the virtual ones of Web. In the society of the information and the knowledge, the professionals of the information, each time more, are if acquiring knowledge that they play the social function to become accessible for the society the information that consist in the memory centers. With this, it is transferred if to more frequent develop centered services of information in the user. Learn more at: Rick Garcia CBS. One of the ways that can be used to have themselves more success in the services is the Study of Users, therefore it becomes possible to identify to the uses and users of the quantities, contributing for the effectiveness in the development of the services. The information institutions must: To know its customers; To know the necessities of its customers, that is, to know where the users are using the archive information and as they are making use of them; to carry through organizacionais reordenamentos and of products and services, being searched to satisfy the necessities effectively of customers; to make use of the techniques of the marketing and the pedagogia with the objective to seduce and to form new customers. The adoption of an active and centered position in the customer also means the update of the standards of quality in the archives.Was intended in this work to provide, of form synthetic, but objective and very estruturante, a familiarization with the theories, research and studies on the users of the units of information. To satisfy this objective, it was opted to a description on who are the users, what they search, and which is the paper of that they work with the information and on the units of information.. Swarmed by offers, WhiteWave Foods is currently assessing future choices.


It was possible to come back in the time and if we found in them in century 17, certainly we would live fantastic and recompensadoras experiences, particularly when entering in one boticrium, emporium, pharmacia, or any another commercial establishment of the time. Vilarejos inhabited by simple people, rich simplicity of education and repleta of gentilities, towns that if raise for the work voluntary and unfastened of the pleasure for the money and power. To only be able privilege of the noblemen, the royalty, to the simple ones, only the gift of the hard and honest work. Vilarejos with streets without asphalt, and sales without conditional air nor automatic doors, only burning the human and automatic heat only the laughs and smiles streets the rejection. Dressed children only of bermuda shorts or clipped skirts asking for to the parents who bought one raspadinha, not this that today meets in lottery the rank that lottery nor they existed.

Certainly already in the entrance we would find a support for hats and cane where we would leave ours there if we used. Without counting that in others also we would find place for ours over all. A good high day in and good tone we would hear or at least one to wave of head a touch in the border of the hat would be changed between customer and attendant. to the step that the customer was boarded would answer cortesmente concerning what it was looking for. Many of the times after the closing of the purchase the payment occurred days later, but not in the credit card since at that time only one passbook was used. the credit had narrow relation with the character, while today it is yielded or granted for a frozen and informatizado system to the times without value. But we are in century XXI, where already nothing it is written in Latin or with ph, the Sales as thus the establishments were known commercial already do not only exist and therefore, but the fact is that with the acquired right presumptions, the consideration lack came the disrespect together the spite of a globalizada and modern advanced society.


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The Science

The process of acquisition of the knowledge demand thus particular methods of inquiry, as the natural dynamics that the phenomenon imposes. Considering the Tourism as social, including phenomenon, consisting by diverse facetas of the human development, Goergen (1979) places that ' ' the research in social sciences cannot exclude from its work the reflection inside on the conceptual, historical and social context that forms the horizon amplest, of which the isolated research gets its sentido' '. Thus, considering the human being as to be social, that it acts and it interacts in the cultural way, economic and historical politician, the research in tourism is permeada by the multidisciplinaridade and transdisciplinaridade, in the objective of interpretation of the phenomenon of qualitative form. Science one composes in a set of knowledge on facts and aspects of the reality, Expresses through a necessary language. This characteristic of the scientific production makes possible its continuity.

A new knowledge is produced from something previously developed. It is refused, it reaffirmed, new aspects are uncovered, and thus science advances, characterizing itself as a process. All the activities of the human being, in some way, are forms of acquisition of knowledge. In this direction, it is important to in general understand the development of the science and in special of the science of the social phenomena. Initially the knowledge of the world was based on an only complex matrix, that joined in itself interpretations of all the phenomena of the nature and society. The most significant representative of this integrated vision of world is the philosophy and sciences Greeks.

The social organization and its relations of production, becoming gradually complex, bring the differentiation of its and production systems social applicability, being necessary the accompaniment and study of so great changes. Thus, if four great nuclei of knowledge estratificam: science, religion, philosophy and ideology. The historical analysis sample clearly that these nuclei interacted in the construction of new knowledge, exactly that estimated its were contradictory between itself.