In this case, we are teaching to the children whom only a way are to secure the money: Being used. But, if besides sending life leaves, we began to devise forms to make money without using to us, they will learn that there are other suitable ways to obtain it. Details can be found by clicking Finally, it remembers that is probable that to the children to whom NEVER nothing refuses to them than they want, is more difficult to them to be proactive with the money. Nevertheless, we can change: We and they. We can learn to say in front of some requests of the children and not to invite them to that they by themselves find the way to obtain what they wish, supporting them in this process. We can teach to them to that they find something whereupon to dream and goals are put to reach those dreams with their own effort. Like the phrase of Hodding journalist Carter: the main legacy that we can leave the children, is roots and wings. I want to emphasize in the wings. To give wings is to teach to the proactive, enterprising children to be, to have initiative against the life, to be able to obtain its ideals. A way to give wings, is to teach them to them to obtain what they wish by his own means and to enjoy its profits. Source: Note of Press sent by vannesakol.


Yes because of advertising genius touched delicate strings of the human soul: the curiosity and compassion. And broke the stereotype of commercial, leaning on the laws of human perception of the world, centered on himself – a man. Today we represent just such a know-how that displays ads on a whole new level of quality and psychological: POI Radar – Internet service a new generation. Now dry statistics. Every second Sevastopolets has access to the network, one in four – an active Internet user. However, almost 100% of the Sevastopol advertising, is present there exists in the form of guides, at the best price-lists. To the user it is always a game of roulette. Not without reason before sending in the online-shopping consumer, as a rule, calling on friends, trusting only proven, familiar quality rating – “word of mouth.” “Kiruha you took at the periphery Googl-plus “? Yes-ah?! And I’ll come back! “. We combined social and technical, real and virtual, commercial and consumer, creating a retrieval system, POI Radar, which allows users to not only get comprehensive information about all aspects of Life Sebastopol (200 species of human needs and interests), but also to influence them. In POI Radar radio word of mouth” – the core of the information. Each user is free to go to any page on the portal and bring back his remark, proposal, resume, write a review on Sebastopol shops, restaurants, places of recreation of Sebastopol … and the program, according to this selection, generates confidence rating – or passes of a company at the peak of the consumer demand, or omits them. This principle POI Radar successfully tested in Europe, that’s why the space where there is now a virtual Sebastopol, already includes many European countries and CIS countries, representing business and Sevastopol cultural world beyond it. Stay away from a breakthrough in our web real life impossible. Especially as for the business and its ads have opened opportunities. Each entrepreneur can accommodate poster on which: – up to 20 000 characters of text – up to 30 photos – video blocks or commercial – Price List – the geographical location of the navigator – an interactive forum to exchange views and consumers with consumers. All it’s much cheaper to print advertising. All located in the POI Radar on a permanent basis, the owner of any updated versions and has direct access from virtuality into reality.

Advertising Banners

Advertising banners so the advertising banners have a real effectiveness depending on the product or service that you want to show should do, firstly, research useful before creating that ad in particular. This gives you the opportunity to apply what many successful advertising banners have managed to establish. There will always be great principles that will not change and cannot be ignore, no matter what is happening. To start your research, you will notice ads banners that are abundant in number are satisfactory and are headed toward excellent results. Your work will be the study of these ads and find a way to adjust them. For example, you can see how the graphics and the text have been applied. This gives you more ideas and makes you more productive. The key point here is that, when you have so much to learn, there is no starting point from zero. One of the main reasons why advertisers sometimes not succeed to develop banners, is going with their own assumptions and ideas, confident in the only thing they know. One important thing you need to do is make sure that your ads are not too heavy to load. The last thing we want is that its visitors have some discomfort for their listings of heavy load. Ads must be lightweight and contain graphics that can elucidate in a multitude of circumstances. If you need to use any kind of animation in your ads, make sure that it does not take much time to start. Although this may seem obvious to most, there are many advertisers who are trying to make that their ads are very attractive to customers in the future. If you have to use them as well, try not to use them with many graphics, because in this case the size of the ad can be reduced significantly. Once it actually becomes a real knowledgeable about the type of banner which has, the sky really is the limit. However, until this happens, you should test and adjust many ads so you have an idea of what is happening. Finally, comes the moment of projecting the banner advertising with the keywords that you want to use. This is because when someone searches for the keyword and reaches the central part where your ad is shown, the public may be able to instantly connect with your ad, which will raise the response received from that publicity in particular. Reference: Source: press release sent by andgomez.

Financial Officer

We believe that it is cheaper: banner, participation on electronic trading platforms or advertising in the media. The basic formula of the economy: lower costs = higher incomes, acquires special importance today. The question is how to save without negative implications for the business that occupied the minds of management personnel. Save for the promotion of goods – it's like that curtail the activities, but funds are limited. Calculate the possible options: Option 1 – the banner of Internet. The effectiveness of banner ads is determined by rate CTR (click / through ratio) – ratio of clicks and impressions. According to statistics, the average CTR = 2%. This means that 2 out of a hundred clicked on the banner. But in practice, can get even smaller. Creating a good banner at an average cost of 50 – $ 75. By the size of banners can be different, but common standards are: 468×60, 120×60, 100×100, 88×31. Banner placement (depending on the site and size) can vary between 60 thousand rubles (regional web-site) to 60 thousand dollars (home Yandex) per month. Costs are serious. And the target audience can be 'no go' if it is wrong to choose a site. Bright advertising banners see 80% of website visitors. If you are a manufacturer of metal, for example, even two people from a hundred to attract entertainment portal will not work. Option 2 – Registration for the ETP (electronic trading platform) You can register for free. For example, on the site. The main plus ETP – the target audience. Ie those who are really interested in buying steel, water filters, medical equipment, etc. The obvious pluses ETP include reducing time and costs for document management, online customer service, effective sales channel. As an effective option to promote the goods can be placed banner on ETP. This banner has a significant advantage over the other – all the same target audience at low cost accommodation. Option 3 – advertising in the media. First priority – right choice of publication. Consider options placement in three editions: 'Business Journal', 'Chief Financial Officer "and" Goods and Prices. " 'Business Journal' – a publication for small and medium-sized businesses. Moscow edition of 50,000 copies., A federal circulation 200-250.000 copies. placement on the first, second and third lane would cost an average of 500,000 rubles without VAT. 1 / 4 page – at 70,000 rubles (without VAT). 'CFO' – a monthly journal of practical financial management company. Circulation 18,000 copies., The structure of the subscription: Moscow – 29%, regions – 71%. The cost of accommodation in top positions is about 400,000 rubles, 1 / 4 page will cost 92,000 rubles (without VAT). Journal 'products and prices' – International advertising and information weekly. Circulation 130,000 copies. Price reversal of 110,000 rubles, 1 / 4 – 36.000 rubles (add 18% VAT). The choice is yours. About B2B club was founded in 2007 by Star Clubs Group. The purpose of creating a global Internet project – the development of international economic relations for small and medium business. Today, the site presents manufacturers from 60 countries. Convenient functionality facilitates the search procedure for goods and services. B2B-Club will be a reliable partner for your business.