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It often happens that we use a number of terms for which we do not know its exact meaning. Generally we handle us more by approximations than by certainties. But to be able to delve into the world of Internet Marketing it is essential to start by learning its meaning in a specific way. It is very easy to understand this concept to imagine Internet access to a huge network of computers worldwide interconnected through which people can receive and send unlimited and diverse information. When such information is a message planned and oriented to achieve certain promotional effect, we are doing Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing or Internet marketing is exactly the same, they are different ways of calling a series of techniques that allow us to make promotion en masse, to reach around the world without the need to move house. A commercial project on the Internet, also known as e-commerce, requires the election of a good product, an automated system of prospecting and follow-up with a steady flow of traffic to the target web site. The key to the success or failure of a project of Internet Marketing, will depend on the knowledge and the domination of the techniques and tools allowing to generate a permanent flow of qualified to web site traffic. Businesses on the Internet are a numbers game based on quality and quantity in the variables. Without traffic there is no sales, and without sales there is no profit!


Especially with the figure of obesity in type ‘apple’ with preferential deposition of fat in the abdomen. Calculation of body mass index: weight (kg) / height squared (meters). High blood pressure (140/90 to mm Hg). Diabetes has occurred during image . zhizni.Chastye stressful situations. With the development of diabetes are violated not only carbohydrate but also fat and protein metabolism. As a result, patients with diabetes Diabetes lowers your resistance to many, including infectious diseases, they have a hard and long flowing other diseases, there are lesions of small vessels and circulatory disorders. There have been slow wound healing, blurred vision, numbness or tingling in hands and feet.

Diabetes is dangerous complications, it is important to identify as early as possible and prevent diabetes complications. Possible complications – the defeat of blood vessels and nerves. Particularly vulnerable are the fundus vessels that can lead to blindness, kidney blood vessels, which can lead to kidney failure, blood vessels and nerves of the legs, loss of heart vessels, causing myocardial infarction, and cerebral blood vessels, leading to a stroke. Eat right! If there is a risk of developing diabetes II-type, change your diet. Some foods that contain carbohydrates, during digestion converted into sugar more quickly than others. It is recommended to use the slowly digestible food: vegetables, beans, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, cherries, grapefruit, cereals (except semolina), eggs, fish, seafood. Avoid products that contain digestible carbohydrates: bread, butter, donuts, beer, sugar, sugary carbonated drinks.

In the food should be a lot of fiber, which slows the absorption of sugars in the intestine and prevent excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Prevent the development of diabetes. Sometimes a diet is enough to compensate for disturbances (the so-called mild diabetes). It is recommended contained in fish oil and cold-pressed, for example, it is useful ‘Oil Walnut’. Eat oily fish three times a week, a little nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables as a source of antioxidants. Excellent anioksidantom enjoying high demand is the product ‘Vin Vita’. Exercise. Give up smoking and alcohol. Herbal medicine. Come to the aid a range of products for the prevention and complex treatment of diabetes. Products that normalize blood glucose lowering effect and have are ‘Inutan’, ‘Inulin with selenium’ and ‘Sun Yantra. ” ‘Inutan’ contains a complex of plants rich in inulin: burdock root, dandelion, chicory, potatoes Jerusalem artichoke. The drug controls all types of metabolism, and normalizes blood glucose. In addition, it promotes integrated treatment and detoxification.


It is in the tissues there is a further differentiation of monocytes into tissue macrophages, which perform the basic functions of monocytes-macrophages. The main function of monocyte-macrophages is the absorption of foreign particles by phagocytosis, presentation of foreign antigens on their surface to T lymphocytes (helper), the synthesis and secretion of cytokines. Monocytes-macrophages provide a power supply by not only aerobic glycolysis, anaerobic glycolysis and, therefore they can operate successfully in the depth of the pathological process, such as abscess cavity. Through phagocytosis, monocytes were removed from the body dead cells, antigen-antibody complexes, the remnants of damaged cells and bacteria. With superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals have cytotoxic monocytes by tumor cells, toxoplasma, leishmania and pathogens malyarii.Norma monocytes in the blood of children and adults.

The norm of monocytes in the blood for adults is 1-8% of the total number of leukocytes, which is 0,04-0,7 * 109 / l in absolute numbers. Rate monocytes in the blood of children as a percentage of relatively stable and varies between 2-7% of the total number of leukocytes. For even more details, read what Debbie Staggs says on the issue. The absolute number of monocytes in children varies in proportion to changes in the number of leukocytes in the blood, ie, aged 1-3 days with normal white blood cell count 9,0-32,0 x 109 / L will be the number of monocytes 0,18-2,4 x 109 / l, and at the age of 7 years at the rate of white blood cell count 6 0-11,0 * 109/lPovyshenie and reduction of monocytes in the blood. Causes of monocytosis and monotsitopenii. Increase of monocytes in the blood of adults more than 0.7 x 109 / l or more than 8% of the total number of white blood cells called monocytosis. Monocytosis is subdivided into relative and absolute. Relative monocytosis characterized by increased percentage of monocytes than 8%, but the preservation of the absolute content of monocytes in the blood within normal limits. Relative monocytosis occurs with a substantial reduction in the content blood leukocytes others, such as neutropenia and lymphocytopenia, and usually has no diagnostic value.

With an absolute monocytosis observed increase in the total number of monocytes in the blood of adults more than 0.7 x 109 / l ( diseases in which monocytes in the blood increased Infections: infectious endocarditis; viral, fungal, protozoal and rickettsial diseases infektsii.Granulematoznye: pulmonary tuberculosis, extrapulmonary tuberculosis, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, polyarteritis nodosa. Reduction of monocytes in the blood of adults below the 0.04 x 109 / l is monotsitopeniya. In children, the level of monocytes, below which the state is regarded as monotsitopeniya, varies and is determined depending on the age rebenka.Zabolevaniya in which the level of monocytes decreased. Here is a basic list of diseases and pathological conditions in which the level of monocytes in the blood reduced: Severe infections that occur with decreasing neytrofilov.Dlitelny reception . .. exhaustion.