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Feng Shui

The color is the most valuable component so that an art work transmits the same sensations that the artist experimented during his elaboration and on their suitable application the emotions will depend that are desired to express. The colors are part integral of the life, influence in our mood, are presents in the nature and the knowledge to handle them in decoration projects gives like result ambient modern, falsified, calm, cosy, elegant or natural; these colors have a psychological effect in the people who inhabit the spaces, because the color owns aroma, flavor and texture and influence directly in our spirit. The warm colors are considered glad and stimulating, the colds are tranquilizing and in some depressing cases. The YELLOW is warmest of the phantom, is fresh and it is associated with the solar light. The BLUE one is a cold color par excellence, he is calm and it is associated with the water and the sky. The RED one is vibrant and exciting, it is related to the fire. The ORANGE is very aggressive and it is associated with the putting of the sun.

The GREEN one he is purificante and refreshing, it represents the nature. The VIOLET is a sedative color and curative, it express gentleness and espiritualidad. The TARGET is natural light and it is associated with innocence and La Paz. The BLACK expresses mystery and duel, means rest. In Feng Shui, the color is energy, because the colors that our eyes perceive are electromagnetic waves that generate feelings. The five elements of the nature are represented by a color; wood (green), fire (orange), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (blue), thus, we can apply to each space the element necessary to create the atmosphere that we wished. You have projects of decoration in mind? Contctanos!.

Our Mother

To be Mother Mother is a woman who interlaced her hands with those of the loved man, to whom she gave in body and soul to form between a both cradle. It can have something more beautiful? A Mother, is a woman who has something of God by the immensity of her love, and of angel by the untiring request of her cares much. She can have more total delivery? Our Mother, who with a glance knows to read in deepest of our soul, is a woman that, if he is insufficient in his knowledge, discovers the secrets of the life with more success than a wise person, and, if she is well-educated, impregnates like anybody of the candor and the necessity of her son. Mother is a woman who, being vigorous, shakes with the weeping of the fruit of her entrails and being weak, knows to have if with the fierceness of a lioness is precise. There will be something more admirable and worthy of admiration? Ours Mother is a woman who, to perhaps teaches few things us, but those that of her we learn, are those that marks the sense of our lives. There will be something more venerable? The Mother, is a woman, with a so great power, that she is only able to erase of the spirit of her children, the sad feeling of the orphanhood. Will be something more nobleman? And finally, Mother is a woman with a so inescapable destiny and vocation, that until the same God she wanted to feel the warm emotion to need one.

We can find in this miserable world something greater and more beautiful simultaneously? Of our Mother, a thing has of which often we must ourselves be sorry, and only is that it leaves us before we realize that we have been so egoistic, that we have not had time to give back only one small part to him of all their sacrifice, its permanent delivery and the infinite love that it gave to us. Only we lose when it, we felt like guilty, we see orphaned destitutes irremissible and. Luckily, Extreme Hacedor, only gave one us. Nobody would hold pain to lose it twice.


If you are like the majority of the owners of dogs, insurance you spend to a pile of time and effort in choosing the perfect dog. Once you find the dog of your ” sueos” , you do not waste the time, and you take quickly it to your house. As these excited and you overflow of joy, it give to one pretty shower with love and affection him. To the following week, after to have spent those days together, you think that you have made the mistaken decision. These tired to listen to weeping and you have tried everything what you happened yourself to avoid destructions, nevertheless your ideal dog, is still not trained. You have been sometimes, watched the dog with a full glance of frustration? The dog somehow, no longer seems to you so pretty? Hey I know that sensation! But What would happen if it said to you that something exists that revolutionized the training for dog? You already see, I know exactly as it is to have a dog without training, can be an arduous fight, and of every day although our dogs are so pretty, certainly they know how to make us the life difficult.

In reality, the training of your dog does not have to be difficult the Greater Difficulty To The one Than the Owners De Perros Face, Generally, Takes place When Your (the Owner Of the Dog) You do not understand To Your Mascot. The formation obedience is, without a doubt the most important aspect at the time of convertirte in owner of a dog. This factor, aid to establish the correct relation between the owner and the dog. With the concepts that I will share here with you, you will discover: Like ” to balance balanza” within the relation between the dog and the owner, it is necessary that there is a clear understanding of whom is the leader and who is the follower. The proprietor must use the training dog simply to teach to the dog that the owner not only is important for the relation, but also the leader.

The dog also needs to be taught that he is the follower within the relation. Like proprietor of a dog, you need to understand that the dogs are habit creatures. Our work is to teach to the dog ” hbitos” that we want that has. I guarantee to you that you will not want that they have the habits that comprise natural of them, I am certainly you must domesticate it. Then, you like owner, will be asking yourself: Where you can find the way to obtain all this? All this information and much more podras to find in this excellent education of training for dogs from house.