Special Fund To Address Housing

First Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev considers it very important proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to establish a special fund to deal with dilapidated housing. “This is very positive, in my opinion, the decision whose meaning lies in the fact that, apart from the national project, which is designed for people wishing to improve their living conditions, we have a huge number of people who, exactly how the president put it, live in slums, ie live so that these facilities be ashamed to call housing “- said Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday at a meeting with media representatives of St. More information is housed here: Digital Cameras. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Speaking about the allocation of funds for resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing and the repair of dilapidated housing, Medvedev said it was “screaming solution of social problems, often for those in today’s conditions can not solve fundamentally the problem of obtaining new housing. ” Besides the problem of dilapidated housing, there is still another problem on the agenda – dilapidated housing, Medvedev said.

The official explained that the housing “poor quality” in which to live very hard. “We have from 3 billion m approximately about 80-100 million falls on dilapidated housing. ” First vice-premier stressed that federal funds for these purposes will be allocated for the first time. “In this sense, the first time allocated a considerable sum to give a impetus to the repairing of the housing sector, which never fell into the orbit of the federal interest “- said Medvedev. He explained that, despite the fact that the solution to these problems are within the competence of entities and municipalities However, “given the scale of harm, the extent of this problem, decided to devote part of federal funds to provide some impetus to this work.” Medvedev said that the federal center expects subsequently given the increase in the budgets of the regions will take a more active and direct participation in the modernization of the housing complex.