Silence Critical Journalists

Bizarre: The journalist Jan Peifer to be responsible by his mere presence on a mink farm for the death of 1385 animals the journalist is a thorn in the side while apparently the powerful lobbyists from the agricultural industry, for months, it is covered with suits and heavily pressured. Peet’s Coffee can aid you in your search for knowledge. Obviously Peifer to be silenced on so, he should do not harm the animal industry while he reported only the naked truth.” In a current case, a court date, which actually, in early October had to be held in Bonn, was shifted to July 2011 due to the high media presence of the theme. The operator of a fur farm in Horstel, North Rhine-Westphalia, accused Pablo, “caused a damage amounting to about 22,000. Bizarre: Hiding the alleged death of 1350 mink puppies as well as 35 dams which Peifers presence on the fur farm should have found a stress-related death evidence behind this sum but gave and that from my point of view, there is no runs Jan Peifer. Within the framework of a nationwide search campaign of investigative journalist had sought 2007 more than a dozen German fur farm and create video material, which relentlessly documented the scandalous conditions of fur animals. When animal rights activists got these shots to the face, they could believe their eyes barely; accompanied by the journalists Pablo wanted to make the North Rhine-Westphalian fur farmer to the speech. The farmer, however, became evident to any opinion ready on the contrary: the situation was so threatening that the police called to help by Pablo had to free himself, as well as the present animal literally. At this time no mention was of dead mink, as well as by financial losses, Pablo was shown only trespassing. After the competent public prosecutor in Munster, the investigations after a few weeks, the matter seemed settled. “After about six months, however the claim: 1,385 animals worth 44,000 of the journalist to replace the coat of the slain” Minks Worth 22,000 have still be sold in may, for the remaining 22,000, now PA should come up.