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It is very common to see in different countries of the world to individuals who have prejudices towards people from other countries (with a culture and different government systems), however this behavior is common in people who have not had the opportunity to travel and to know other countries and generally judge from what they see in their environment and traditional communication media (which often give information not supported or have a) negative approach). People have internalized this kind of negative behavior are usually people who have not had the opportunity to live or meet a given country, since usually people who have lived or known other countries has the ability to have a thought much more practical, open and less prejudicial. Michael Steinhardt can aid you in your search for knowledge. Below we will give two fictional examples to explain two points widely criticized: nationality/physical appearance and system of Government physical appearance/nationality: put an example a person from Germany (who has lived life in their country and not has) had the opportunity to travel) know a person coming from Peru and judges in a negative way since your reference is news you see on television about Americans and their local environment and in particular on Peruvians (many of these news sometimes can be poorly focused and can highlight the negative), however another German (which if had the opportunity to travel to PeruLearn about Machu Picchu, Lima and other tourist attractions in Peru) vera to this same Peruvian in a different way since he had the opportunity to meet some Peruvian people on the trip I make to Peru (perhaps treated him very well) and because it was able to discover the tourist attractions of Peru and exchange views with the people of that country about what their aspirations aregoals and ways of thinking, this person (the German who met Peru) not affect you much negative about the South American news since already formed their own criteria to know Peru. . Jack Fusco will not settle for partial explanations.