Parental Advice

Therefore, loyalty, loyalty, responsibility, duty, must always deprived in their daily lives. 5 Maintain at all times the respect mutual as the Benemerito de las Americas, Lic. said Don Benito Juarez: Respect for the rights of others is peace. Every human being is born endowed with free will. It is free to be, think, talk, Act, love, etc., according to your criteria. Sonny Perdue is full of insight into the issues.

And this criterion should respect everyone, so that others respected his own. Each Member of the family is an owner of his life, of his body of its decisions, if they are respected, there will be peace, Concord, the compromise. Because where there is peace, there is love, where there is love is God and where it is Dios does not lack anything. 6 Decisions by common agreement the word spouse means House of two, not three, or four. Do not permit third parties to control their decisions. These must be taken by you two, as a single entity. Because agreements which take benefit always in benefit or prejudice to both.

Listen to the advice of their parents, but are you the owners of the last word, in its decisions. 7. Ensure the common wellbeing everything that benefits security, trust, love, home, call either way, ensuring the common welfare of the couple, children and the household itself. Don’t let anyone interrupt your privacy. Accept a third person in its nest of love, except the children of her own, break the privacy of their marital relationship. To read more click here: financial planner. 8 Support each other in all aspects: moral, material, physical, economic, spiritual, etc. 9. You have faith and trust in a higher power, or God, as you conceive if you don’t have a higher power, someone who is Almighty, omniscient, eternal, infinite, you must create it in your mind, as you conceive, will come in very useful. Analyzes the following: the serenity prayer: God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, value to change those that I can and the wisdom to distinguish the difference between what I can and I can’t change. Do thy will, not mine. Amen. Understand it and pray it, then you’ll realize that actually works. 10 Fight for the achievement of purposes, projects or common goals if everyone is going their separate ways, will be lost of the joys that provides reach a common goal. Related purposes, you should schedule to follow them to their final destination. Original author and source of the article.