Pipe Rehabilitation Technology Used

The technological process of recovery pipes used in the initial stage involves the removal of isolation and purification of both internal and external surfaces of pipes of various contaminants (rust, scale, mineral and biological deposits, old paint). Cleaning involves two stages: primary and secondary. The first stage is called rough because to clean the inside surface of the used tubes used multirowed scraper and piston, while cleaning its exterior surface, a special cleaning machine with rotary chisel (brush) mechanism. The second stage – the fine cleaning of both surfaces – with high efficiency by using the latest patented thermo-abrasive cleaning methods. The essence of this method is that the clean surface exposed to short-term high-temperature (up to 10000 C) and high-speed (speed at the nozzle exit up to 350 m / s) combustion products, diesel fuel, and abrasives. Using this method allows you to perfectly clean the surface of used tubes of layers with thickness up to 2 mm. Further technology refurbishment of used tubes involves sandblasting, cutting bevels and applying cps (cement-sand insulation) on the inner surface of pipes. This treatment protects the pipe from corrosion, prevents the appearance on its inner surface a variety of pollutants and sediments, with an environmentally friendly and least expensive type of coverage. Depending on customer requirements can be carried out crosscut weld and marked isolation by gas, water, heat, or sewer.

Jobs Selection

How to find high-paying job in the middle of Russia? This question is at the present time has become very relevant in the situation of world crisis. Ways to select a lot of work. Let us examine each of them separately. One of the first ways – is to use the services of special personnel centers. They offer counseling on employment, and provide a fresh list of profiles of candidates and seats to make the selection of personnel for organizations. Job seeker securities almost always done for free. Their margins staffing agencies take a customer for the selection of employees. The greatest number of favorable options for employment in Moscow offer Leading Internet sites where you can post your resume.

Here, at any time, you can always find an updated list of recent surveys of candidates and the vacant positions, find a very valuable expert advice employment, as well as how to behave to how to behave in an interview. It is believed that high-paying job with a career in Moscow, you can find only an acquaintance. Keep in mind that many psychologists do not would advise companies to produce the selection of workers based only from family and familiarity views. In its recommendations, the experts point out that it is difficult to distinguish between employees on the job official and personal contacts. This can often even lead to past.

To find the best employees to take advantage of specialized sources, which offer high-quality selection of data candidates and vacancies. Advice on employment, but there is evidence of applicants and vacant positions can most likely be easily found in specialized periodical publications. If an applicant for choice of specialty in the capital of one of the factors found immediate proximity of jobs to the residence, then he needs to pay attention to the section 'required to work' in newspapers and magazines at district level. The most significant factors influencing the level of wages and selection of candidates, according to the survey are: higher education candidates, and other knowledge that may be useful and necessary skills (Computer programs, foreign languages (especially English), and others), and the availability of skilled labor exchange. Selection of candidates is made after the competition, during which the crucial success to withstand the test of professional competence. To prepare for it would not be superfluous to go through training courses, which are often organized by agencies and qualified experts, psychologists. The trainings show the effectiveness of techniques in the process of meeting with the employer, as well as tips for job placement.

Secrets From Bogota

In Bogota, Columbia, political rivals seem to have no problem ordering a whole slew of illegal surveillance activities against their opponents. In a recently leaked document which appeared on Wikileaks and was reported in the Global post by John Otis, correspondent in Columbia, cables which were written by the US ambassador in Bogota, William Brownfield in October 2009 state that the National Police commander in Colombia believed that wiretapping was ordered by the chief of staff for former President Alvaro Uribe.

This has been seen as a scandal in Colombia and makes the intelligence agency there look bad and has severely tarnished the reputation of Uribe. Even worse, there may be indictments and trials on the horizon for Bernardo Moreno, Uribe’s chief of staff at the time, as well as another important advisor to Uribe, Obdulio Gaviria.  These two top aids to Uribe are already under way, and the Colombian Attorney General has ruled that Moreno is not eligible to hold public office for the next 18 years because there is such strong evidence already in the investigator’s office.