Net Globe

The right to the information and the access to the technologies capable to make possible the sustainable development, constitute, thus, one of them pillars of this process of formation of a new conscience in planetary level, without losing the local optics, regional and national. The challenge of the education, in this particular one is to create the bases for the holistic understanding of the reality.

(they idem, grifos ours) Retaking one more time the analysis of the Net Globe and the Periodical National, the informacional scene does not seem of the best ones, mainly to take in consideration the express concept of ambient education above. Source: translation software. If the television is the principal source of information of the professors, the content absorbed by means of the presented substances must be argued with criticidade concerning the perspective and of the interests of the vehicle. Still in the educational scope, the analysis developed until here, does not have for objective to condemn the ways, but to suggest a periodical reading, magazines and programs of television before taking them it more intent the classroom. Moran (1993), explains that the communication is one of the dimensions of the citizenship that a critical reading cannot intend, simply, to move away to us from the ways, but to look for that our participation is more intent, democratic and critical possible at each moment. For it, the main purpose of the education for a critical reading of the ways is to help to develop in each one the perception most active, intent, of accompaniment conscientious of what it means to live in communion with the world and to obtain forms of stronger communication, authentic, expressive, significant, rich, that they surpass the empobrecedor reducionismo of the form established in the memorandum of understanding of relationship (MORAN, 1993, P.