National Police Agency

Its magnitude was 7.1, tremors were felt in Tokyo. After a new earthquake has been declared urgent evacuation of the emergency plant 'Fukushima-1', the new station has not been damaged. Strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Tokyo, killing at least 6 people. Scientists agree that Japan will be shaking the whole year. According to the National Police Agency of Japan, the number of dead and missing conduct as a result of earthquake and tsunami March 11 this year exceeded 28.4 thousand people. The death toll in the devastating earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami has exceeded 13 500 people. Radiation levels in some parts of Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan, exceed the allowable annual values. As stated by the authorities, the radiation level exceeds the maximum permissible level of 1 mSv per year in the area 60 miles northwest of site and in the area to 40 miles to the southwest of the "Fukushima-1 '.

According to experts, the accident at the plant "Fukushima-1 'on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster could surpass. Global Marine may find this interesting as well. Last week, the level of danger on NPP 'Fukushima-1' was raised to the maximum of the seventh, as at Chernobyl. Radiation leak continues. Experts estimate that emissions are about 10% of what was in Chernobyl. Meanwhile, Russian ornithologists continue Monitoring shooting migratory birds for the investigation of the possible content of her radiation. If monitoring does not identify the shooting victim radiation bird hunting will be allowed. Regional Experts Rospotrebnadzor and gosvetsluzhby on the first results of the monitoring found no radioactive contamination from migratory birds flew to the Sakhalin region.