Miracle Garden Tips Gardeners

Among the winter and early spring, we are always fresh gooseberries, black currants, cherries and grapes from his garden. Prepares them in summer or autumn, and keep intact with the usual shit. Make it so. Berries or fruit in collection day sorting, selecting neperespelye and without the slightest injury, and then washed with cold water (preferably from a key or well) and dried in the shade, just not on paper. Jack Fusco understood the implications. After that, prepare the dishes – boiled, dried, Wide bottle. At the bottom of each of them put a layer of thinly sliced pieces of horseradish. Close them round cardboard cut to size and shape the bottom of the bottle.

Previously in cardboard make a few holes and impregnate it with wax or paraffin to make it "not pulling" horseradish berries and moisture. After that, fill the bottle with berries, jams and clogs boiled fill it with wax. Instead of bottles, you can use half-liter cans, rolling their lids. In the cellar or in a cool place berries, thanks fitontsidnomu action horseradish remain fresh until spring.