Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2008 (LR) Milagros, Tony (The Marine) Santiago and Bill Clinton on Monday, May 26th, 2008, Santiago was publicly recognized by the Government of Puerto Rico as a historian who has written biographies of prominent Puerto Ricans who have served in the military. James was invited to the Capitol of Puerto Rico and in the presence of his wife, Milagros, members of the Puerto Rico Senate and the House, was presented with a gift by President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, the Honorable Kenneth McClintock. Furthermore, in recognition of Santiago was present the former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator of the State of New York Hillary Rodham Clinton. Brigadier General Hector E.Pagan, Commander General of the United States Army Special Warfare Center and School, presented James with the “Medal of Excellence USAJFKSWCS.” During the ceremonies, McClintock made the following public statement: “Today, the Senate of Puerto Rico, and to honor our fallen, also recognizes one of them in life, a Puerto Rican who after serving as a Marine in Vietnam, is ensuring that no fallen comrade is left behind, and that none will ever be forgotten. His academic training is not a historian, but in recent years has become the most widely read writer of Puerto Rico of heroic stories of military men and women of Puerto Rico. Several of the names out there on the wall are due to their research.The man, Antonio Santiago, also known as Tony the Marine, is here today and I want for him, and I want to stand and be recognized with grateful applause of Puerto Ricans, which has not allowed or colleagues can be forgotten . Tony … “Marine Corps U.S. unofficial letter of thanks Santiago was also recognized in a speech by Mr. Javier de la Luz, on behalf of Luis G. Fortu o, former Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico’s United States Congress and now Governor of Puerto Rico, during a ceremony in front of the Capitol building in which the names of fallen soldiers from Puerto Rico were released. Luis G. Fortu o said as follows: oo “Mr.President, I am very pleased that you are honoring the former sailor Antonio Santiago, who has dedicated himself to preserving the history and achievements of Puerto Ricans in the U.S. Army “On 8 June 2009, the Chief of the Maintenance Management, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Fwd.) Corps United States Marine, Cpl. Lemiszki RP, honored James with a letter recognizing their continuing contributions to the military community, and a flag of the United States that was blown up during the 2nd Marine Aircraft (Fwd) Headquarters, Marine Air Base, Al Asad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.