Largest International Library

vLex, innovative Spanish company that offers online international legal information services, launches its new global platform to offer all the legal contents of the world through a unique multi-lingual search and navigation system. The new global platform has more than 12 million documents and contents of 49 publishers from around the world that are available in 9 languages. For even more details, read what Sonny Perdue says on the issue. vLex, through its own technology, has developed major databases of international legal information available to users and customers that require a source of unlimited information with content updated daily. Also the new global platform boasts more than 100 new and improved features to streamline the process of searching and organizing documents: Download complete PDF documents, translation of books, Live Chat with personal vLex, alerts, labels staffs to the classification of information and custom searches based on the profile of the user, among others. Thus, the systematization of information of vLex technology allows any legal operator to have access to the complete legal information of more than 93 countries to a click away, anytime, from a single search engine.

Our goal is to rationalize the law so that the professional user can find information updated and more relevant in a single subscription platform, preventing user access partial information or need to consult different sources. With the launch of the global platform, the final objective of vLex is to be the most comprehensive international legal market information source, says Lluis Faus, CEO of vLex. Read more from Secretary of Agriculture to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Since its birth in 2000 and being one of the first Spanish legal publishers that identified the future business of the online documentation, vLex has exported its model to Europe, United States and Latin America. Its consolidated experience on the Internet has contributed to events such as the recent presentation in Mexico before senior officials, law specialists and university professors, has been a success. The forecast of the Spanish Publisher online is to end 2007 with EUR 3 million, 50% more compared to the previous year.

vLex starts a new phase, being the most innovative product concept both functionalities in the Spanish market and now also in the international market, which means to compete with large international groups. The truth is that our platform has been a success in many countries of Latin America and United States. At the moment we already cover 93 countries and they are going to be many more, adds LLuis Faus, CEO of vLex. On the other hand, vLex announces that its portfolio of clients has surpassed 10,000 customers at the international level among legal practitioners and Jurists, administrations, institutions and citizens in general. The increase in the portfolio of clients, which is 37% more than the previous year, demonstrates the unstoppable growth of the Spanish company and confirms the success of the international expansion plan.