Jim Carrey

Recently vi the film ' ' Sim' ' , and I found it interesting, because in the reality – even so it was a comedy with the Jim Carrey – &#039 characterized well; ' problema' ' of much inserted people in our society ' ' civilizada' ' Basically &#039 is about one; ' Man; ' , whose life if summarized to refuse it any type of challenge. For consequncia, it had a monotonous and unsatisfactory life. This personage makes a pact in which if she compels to say ' ' Sim' ' to everything what they ask for to it As it is habitual in films – over all in comedies – the things start for running of hilariante form, it stops in the end if composing in the best possible way What it is to keep in mind, is critical the well-known one that is made to all those people who if close of excessively, never to leave its zone of comfort, despite this does not include nothing of truily interesting Thus, it has as much people, that she is arisen of morning, repeats the routines to arrive at the work, where it continues its routines of work until in the end of the day she comes back toward house, and repeats more routines, until it goes to sleep They pass thus the days of week, so that in the &#039 if weekend; ' varie' ' with other habitual routines of weekend In extreme cases, until the vacations they are routine: it is always gone for the same house of the Algarve, to pass the vacations in same beaches, to eat and to make the same things, always and always While this happens, the time passes, and not return One day is died, and the life served so that exactly? To keep routines? I have read some interesting things how they deal with over all this question as to find the happiness, therefore this had to be our only priority in the life! Nobody will arrive at its stream bed of death to think ' ' it must have more worked in such day ' ' or then ' ' televiso&#039 must have seen more; ' or ' ' it must have been more times in house, lying in the sofa ' ' In the majority of the cases, it is not justified to live with it stresse the one that we submit in them voluntarily It would be important for each one of us, to start to distinguish better what it is really important in the life, and what they are pseudo-urgencies, that in many cases do not pass of instantaneous excntridades of others, that are equally to waste its time of life How many times already we left to make important things, for – for example – sending a budget to a customer, who later necessary of weeks or months, to take a decision? Each day counts, and we never must lose at least a minute of our time in the Land Is necessary to use to advantage each instant, to look the positive parts of that if it makes Our work must give pleasure to us, because we pass much time to make it. .