Jeff Bridges

This value of Act of 2011 liked to me. Three characters in search of an outlaw who has killed the father of a girl of 14 years, Mattie, act in honor of the sense of what is fair, finding at the end with an adventure that will endure in his memory after half a century. Jack Fusco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This is a western, in the classical style, with a mood of this era. I laughed – admit-, when some condemned to the gallows are talking about reintegration and a voice in the public broaching them to something as well as shut up llorica. There are people worse than me in this public, says one of those going to hang, and between the crowd you will hear an audible laugh. Is this the typical humor of the Cohen? Well maybe yes, and like me, would make a like – in the corresponding box of the facebook.

But beyond specific tastes, value of law, of the Cohen brothers, is very good, and, please, that not compares too with the original of Hathaway, a director, in my view, underappreciated at times, with great films, type Niagara for example. The first thing that draws the attention of law value is what cabezones which are its three main protagonists, the girl, the old sheriff Rooster and tejano. This 14 year old girl has a pair of h that many would like them is a negotiator, a brave, M3s decisively and with little fear of nothing. But it is that Sheriff, magnificently embodied by the nominee Jeff Bridges, also brings them. Even Matt Damon (La Boeuf), Texas ranger is, like little, persistent in its hunting and capture of the murderer. There are scenes of strength and emotion, and say, emotion, because I read somewhere that this remake lacks emotion – quite considerable. Example: Mattie in the River with his horse trying to join Rooster and La Boeuf, passing them straws, and the other two, there, facing challenging thinking something like this girl loggerhead and heavy, it is going to get true that helps this story the psychological definition of the three bastions of the film, they are guys who are remembered.

Mattie, by its amazing desire to do justice, to take revenge, by his stubbornness, for the savvy with which unfolds in a very hostile world as it should be one. Rooster, because the old truant pirate captain’s back a little of everything, with a super handling of the revolver when is serene, the grandfather, and La Boeuf because finally you will trigger shot that redeem him of his insecurity. The three will find after this adventure a maturity that did not have before. That is what the couple that make us spend time fun, tense times, transporting us back to those old West with good movies that are not so good and bad, something unbalanced, they are not so bad.