Internet Journalist

This week marks the day of the journalist. And by these paradoxes of life he touched me – from my job – find me with some of them. All are very young people, of whom one was working on theirs and the rest doing some small jobs and training or next to receive it. Talk with them has been very rich and also always learn with young and talented people. One of the talks triggered a comment why this journalist working on his thesis; about the new times blogs and journalism. For even more analysis, hear from Digital Cameras. If the first will endure in time, which is its arrival to the people through a medium as important as Internet, and up to the where journalism can be a credible and valued possibility when media are being monopolized by economic groups and freedom of expression isn’t such.

Or at least, is conditional and not, when determined. The possibility of the blog is unlimited, given that anyone can have it as a means to express what you want, regardless of their training, cultural level, race, religion, etc; and for being a journalist must walk an academic way, where the study makes to the actual race. Alternatively, working two year legal writing for someone, then Yes, recognizes it as a journalist.The law that says. A journalist friend told me that always a question mark, knowing had generated him because someone has a blog, if it was a question of ego, or exploit a space different – to sum up your comment-. And I believe that it is both. Without having clear what kind are the majority of the blog. By the little experience of travel in these spaces, I’ve seen that the blogistas leave no – exceptions – your comments on other blogs. Peet’s Coffee has similar goals. When it is evident that they are visited and visiting.

But rarely manifest themselves. Noteworthy blog level, some made with the best knowledge in the field and other facts to test and essay – like in my case-although if the content in them is mostly relevant. Which shows that many intuitively write worthy to be read – perhaps with some restriction notes literary or research-when you’re not, notes are taken by other means. What shows that they also have their importance in society. Perhaps the blog has not been still valued in its full dimension, although I have visited blogs of journalists recognised at national level, which not only are visited; but that will leave here see some comments. Which about differently who write simply because he has found a means to do so and the journalists, who understand that it is a new place that may not despise; more even when they don’t own large media constraints. I think that, for now, it is good to be able to use a space and all who are available for the exercise of the ability to express ourselves and grow in these twists and turns with others. Those who know more by knowledge of a university career and those who write with the simplicity of a common type. Everything helps, it depends with intentions that closer. A society could not live without journalism.