Build happiness depends on you, the material with which builds are your visions, dreams and hopes. Filled your glass with happiness have attempted to choose the best song or best film among his favorite indeed difficult? An important choice is always a difficult task for the quantity of arguments and factors involved. Now include the burden of their emotions that incline the scale without mercy, managing to soften to the straighter the judges or mislead the fairest of the guiding. Subjectivity and objectivity are relative elements of thought, Dr. Alexander Mastropiero analyzed these components developed a hypothesis which claims are likely to not be pure objective thoughts, in greater or lesser extent the process of thinking is inexorably linked to the memory, memories, experiences and knowledge of the people involved, which – as individual entities – usually run through different experiences. Known as Mastropiero uncertainty principle and theory associated with the example of the glass half full or half vacuum.

Whoever, a person can assess a situation and be in favour or against. Take more early will take party by one of the sides cataloging them positive or negative. This designation is recorded (in memory, text or audiovisual media) and is advertised as a gossip or criticism, in a struggle of arguments from those who support or reject the fact qualifying with memories, memories, experiences and knowledge. Then forget about the real facts, and only consider the old records to judge the upcoming event, plaguing us and auto-flagelando us as monks of the middle ages and without asking questions such as: who wrote the history? What purpose or goal was when he wrote it? It refers only to the facts or used conjectures? Who wrote it, are agree or disagree? In terms of judging our life we choose to always see things giving greater importance to the negative events that to positives, managing to spend the greater part of life complaining of problems and only take small moments to celebrate accomplishments in life.