Grand Dukes

It seems to me Grozny was in the same period Demidov: Absolutely, yes. I'm sure there were times I even think on a conscious level with him, when he realized he had reached the top, and asked himself: is happy whether he actually reached if he happiness, while at the king of all of Russia? After all, he was actually the very first king. Prior to this were Grand Dukes. He was the first king of Russia. L.

Pavel: That is the pinnacle of all desires. Demidov: Yes, certainly. And is there footage talking about the fact that he seemed in question. Hoary already quite an old man I have a very interesting make-up: wrinkled face, a lot of wrinkles and even the scabs were, in fact it is known that he was ill. It is not known why he died. There is a version that he was poisoned, there's a version that he died from the disease, because they found mercury in his body.

It is believed that mercury could poison him. And in another version, in those days were treated with mercury. And there are shots where you can see by his eyes that he does not know what will happen, and does not know whether it was all that he did. L. Pavel: He lost his purpose in life, make sense? Demidov: I do not want to disassemble it because you want the audience to look yourself and do something about it thought. Do not feel like they are now directed to any particular party.