General Electric

Business change: the same happens daily in all companies, and here they play three factors of vital importance 1) organizational culture: is the variable most predominant since it defines the adaptation or not from the company, if it’s a reluctant organization culture to change, surely will be damaged until the end and thus the life of the same. (2) the speed of information: is essential to the speed with which a company has may determine a faster and greater adaptation to change. (3) Leadership: You have to be a charismatic, proactive, dynamic leader and having the attitudes and skills needed to convince the company that the time has come for change, which do not hesitate to deal with the problem since it is the worst thing that can happen at a crucial moment. The decision of the leader is vital in order to determine the time and the type of change and adaptation that believes is necessary to do. Let’s take the case of Jack Welch, the former Chairman of General Electric, is considered as one of the greatest business leaders of our time, among the main achievements are: profit of $ 333 million in 1985 to 750 million in 1989 expansion of the company through its motto forge an organization without borders. Cost reduction, step of having 412000 employees 270000 employees, this was one of their decisions more important and difficult. The time for change is then the most crucial to the survival of the same. In if many authors pose need forecasts take into account to make the change come as no surprise and that surprise us to change. According to John Kotter: Appoints many mistakes one of them is not to establish the true importance of the sense of what is urgent, they place emphasis on loss of profits when in fact question should be how do I to have a program of transformation so that at this stage of missed it the opportunity to exit the same.