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They say the grass is greener at home, and the air is cleaner and the tastier dinners. And, of course, everyone in any city in the world in the heat of the patriotic call their city’s best restaurants. Will not argue. Everyone sandpiper praises its quagmire. But some of their culinary heritage of the world deserve the title of a truly “great gastronomic powers.” See Paris and … Contact information is here: Global Machine Translation Software Market. frog legs to overeat, eat about 500 head cheese, revel in this burgundy wine. Each may continue to sentence as he pleases on your taste and budget.

But everyone, of course, agree: Paris is famous for not only the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre masterpieces, but also the ancient traditions in cooking. For all the diversity French cuisine it has features in common. This, of course, love the French for fresh vegetables and almost pathological addiction to cheese. What other nation can boast such a variety of cheeses on the table! From cow, goat or sheep milk, soft, thick, solid, sustained, all sorts of varieties – blue cheese, Gruyere, Camembert, Comte, Chevre, Cantal … Just cheesy fanaticism of some kind. With him, perhaps, be compared only to the commitment of French sauces.

The mind can only keep the reference number of inventions in France sauces – more than three thousand. And we all know, probably only a dozen miserable. Most Popular – flour roux sauce, called on behalf of his creator of the Marquis Louis de Bechamel, and the famous French mayonnaise.