Estonian Directories Sites

Since ancient times, mankind has always sought to systematize the accumulated knowledge for rapid access and ease of use of various information. Directory (from the Greek 'list') – full support information, systematic on some grounds or property. With the advent of the Internet, the possibilities for compiling the universal database is incredibly increased, and today the most comfortable and popular means of obtaining information are search engines and directories site (classifiers internet resources). Internet Directory – an information resource that contains links to various related sites are hosted on the headings respectively alphabetic principle or other ties. Figuratively speaking, the online catalog can be compared with tables of contents of the book or rubricator in the public library. In Estonia, One of the most popular Russian-language users 'Estonian' directory is LOG.EE What is its advantage over similar products? First and foremost is that most sites of Estonia submitted in Russian language, including the Estonian-language resources.

This is an invaluable advantage for users from abroad who are interested in information about the Republic of Estonia, but do not speak Estonian at the required level. It should be noted that even well-known Estonian search directory NETI is limited only by the Estonian version and does not know how to work with the Russian language, while Russian-speaking population of the republic is at least a third of the total population. On Today in the regionally-Estonian LOG.EE directory contains links to more than 7,000 Estonian sites. Sites in catalog will be periodically checked, added new ones – each new resource is moderate consistency of information and Outdated and broken links removed. Thus, the administration of the directory is doing everything possible to offer an objective, timely information on the resources of the Estonian Internet. At the same time, in addition to finding the desired information, the directory acts as a tool of advertising, offering owners a great opportunity to Estonian websites, with catalog pages and rating sites, free to express their website on the Internet.