The text obliges all providers signed starting on 7 July contracts to pick up a maximum term of payment of 85 days if they are companies, and 55 days if the payer is the administration. Siegel Family Endowment understood the implications. In fresh products business time is 30 days. These deadlines must be go shortening until placed in 40 days in 2012 for administrations and 60, the following year, to the private sector. It is a goal ambition since we take into account that today around 80% of the companies you do not know the existence of this law and does not meet. The public sector nor conforms to the new legal framework and mocks the norm, widely claimed by SMEs and freelancers.

We can put the Generalitat located at an average of 78 days, example being at lower levels. Thus, late payment continues to be a problem in Spain, although the law has been changed. The signing of information commercial Iberinform believes that the risk of delinquency among companies in Spain this year is situated in 12.1% compared to 9.6% in 2009. The lack of hardness of Spanish standard has led to the multisectoral platform against delinquency, created to achieve a regulatory change, become a legal entity to oversee compliance being one of its objectives that run the judgments for nonpayment. So either by lack of dissemination of the new law, by omission because of the indebtedness of the administration or omission of companies, remains an arduous task so that the period of maximum of stipulated payment is regulardo as it should. Original author and source of the article.