Comfortable Housing

Among the variety of home-building technologies on the world construction market, the technology "ECOPAN" rightfully occupies a leading position. After all, this technique allows to build robust, externally attractive, cost-effective construction of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Houses, built on technology "ECOPAN" met all the requirements of the modern home: the ease of finishing work – to save heat and energy. Among other benefits, housing, built in such a way that has a high profitability of ongoing operations. In winter, these homes are heated and easy to store the accumulated heat on a "thermos": when frosts down to -20 C temperature in a disconnected from a power house for the night down only by 5-7 degrees. "ECOPAN" – an ideal solution for building a family country house, and for the realization of large-scale built-up and implementation of government social programs. So in Belgorod on technology "ECOPAN" was carried out construction of a district that includes about three hundred (!) Townhouses.

New district received the name "Sputnik". The village was built with the active support of the administration of the Belgorod region and provided the necessary infrastructure: kindergarten, supermarket, bank, sports facilities, restaurant, beauty salon, dry cleaners, cafe, etc. Despite the fact that the technology "ECOPAN" appeared in Russia long ago, she got more and more popular and widely used in the construction industry. Interest in this Technology has also shown the government agency NAMIKS (National Low-rise and cottage construction). And it is not surprising, as technology 'ECOPAN' – the ideal solution for implementing the priority national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens." This project is called the most ambitious and complex, we are talking about building up throughout the country, housing affordable to all segments of the population. For short period of time were running enterprise "ECOPAN" in Russia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia.