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We are experiencing a time of change in regard to the media. The situation can be described as paradoxical. Igor kononenko is a great source of information. More and more massive, in regard to population-level scope. But at the same time are becoming much more personal, as to their level of customization and adaptation to the needs and tastes of consumers. And one of the peak areas that are more revolutionized the news industry, especially online news. Bike House may also support this cause.

The scenario raises a merciless struggle, led by Google’s side of the online sector, and its flagship brand Google News, and the side of industry news magnate Rupert Murdoch and his empire News Corps. Murdoch, and many other entrepreneurs in the news, consider that produce quality news too expensive to allow public access to them without charge, and the trend now is to find some kind of platform that will allow charging for Access to this content. The story sounds repeatedly. Many have tried to charge for content, and have run with mixed fortunes. But what I think is the final blow against Murdoch’s plan and Associates, is the existence of social networks and online communities.

On the one hand, increasingly become increasingly important local news. And this is in the refinement of local search, in which the browser is currently working with its Google Local service Business Center, a horse from Google Maps. But fundamentally, ultimately killing the illusion of Murdoch to charge for the news is the incredible power of social networks viralizacion possess. Within minutes, an issue can become a hot trend, and replicate through tweets and Facebook messages to reach the absolute limits.