A Traveling Beer Crate

Meanwhile, there are always more fun cars, but do the really fun? Already a traveling crate of beer? There is no driving beer crate is not to buy that you have to build yourself! She is very simple. At Costco you will find additional information. With a little Matallwissen, a Flex and a welder is not a problem. The frame is usually made of rectangular tube which is welded. The rims and wheels are either from the hand truck or from the Go Kart area. From the Go Kart can be very wide tires and slicks even be installed. Very popular are the engines with horizontal cylinders as they are for the legendary Honda Monkey / Dax installed.

The engines are there to 125 cc and up to 12 hp. Some specialists even tune while the engine block and on larger pistons, camshafts and other larger carburetor. Even with an original 125 engine it can reach a top speed of just over 80 km / h. The small and easy driving beer crate is extremely versatile and powerful speeds. The beer crate itself will put it on the engine and serves as a seat.

In addition, also often spiced up the optical driving beer crate. An underbody lighting with LED's or blue glowing lights are almost mandatory here. A construction manual is available on the Internet. Unfortunately we can not therefore take part in the public road, so it is at home, drove to a closed-off parking lot or even on the kart. Among peers while also competitions. Enormous fun to drift with the moving of the beer crate. The best way is in the snow on a untraveled road or a gravel or sand track.