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Web design company and a pioneer in search engine optimization for flash ends with the famous myth that says, a website created entirely in flash can be positioned. We all know that spiders of search engines can not read the links in a flash swf, this makes it very difficult to tell the search engines within this swf to and a full web. If it is true that search engines can index the text of a flash swf, but still no internal links. In addition to implementing the flash swf in a html file with the method publish from flash, not only can not we create a rich text content, keywords and links to search engines, if not the method of deployment from the file flash leaves us html with mistakes, meta descriptions, titles to put my h1, h2 etc .. This method makes it very difficult for search engines to know that our website is, words that we must be positioned and how many links we have inside. With this method we can not put descriptive titles to the html file, making it that when a motor Search from indexing the content in its database and display it in a result, visitors will not know that our website is for lack of description tags. With the method of embedding in Dreamweaver at least we can create descriptive meta tags, but it will lack text, descriptive titles and links which can then be tracked and followed by search engines. Recently, this much contempt as the flash and loading time we split, if it is difficult to position a website in flash but not impossible, to despise flash that some designers charge too dispensable pages with animation is not correct, Today there are many sites created entirely in Flash that load-time than many websites created in html. Follow others, such as WhiteWave Foods, and add to your knowledge base.

An example is this site “that is created entirely in flash and image galleries of size 800 images loaded by 900 px in less than a second. Flash is a spectacular tool for web design provided their use is appropriate.