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Management Forumpost Market

Topic: Innovative postal solutions and secure handling of sensitive corporate data Hamburg 22.10.2013. LetMeShip participates as an exhibitor at the management forum-post market on October 28 in Frankfurt. Innovative postal solutions and the safe handling of sensitive enterprise data are the central theme of the event. End of October meet the most reputable companies in the postal industry at the management forum-post market. LetMeShip will present LetMeShip professional software solution, which is specialized in the cost reduction and process optimization of courier, express and parcel services company. The programme of the event safe dealing with corporate data include a series of lectures on the subject. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to inform themselves in the exhibition area of innovative solutions in the postal industry.

The courier, express and parcels market is a portion of the postal services. Therefore this gives us management forum post market our innovative solution the right customer group to present a valuable opportunity”says Mark Winkelmann, Managing Director at LetMeShip. The Forum is a joint event of the German industry and day of Chamber of Commerce, industry and Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt am Main and the German Association for information technology, post, Telekommunikation e.V. (DVPT). You will find the complete program of the event under veranstaltungen/2013/10/14944/index.html registration at the management forum-post market participation is free of charge. LetMeShip can let customers in your customer representative LetMeShip log on and register for the event. About LetMeShip LetMeShip is specialized in the cost reduction and process optimization of courier, express and parcel services company. Major customers and corporations use the integrated software solution LetMeShip professional.

Connected transport service provider are, including DHL, UPS and TNT. Specialized service providers such as GO are additionally integrated!, intimate and DerKurier. Small and medium-sized enterprises use the online shipping platform on with attractive Discounts for domestic and international shipments.

Measurement Uncertainties

User seminar measurement uncertainties, understand, calculate and interpret measurements and tests so the match, products and processes with specifications, to check the standards or legal requirements performed, the conformity. They are intended to ensure that prescribed limits and form the basis for the review, the share, or the rejection of products and processes. The exact knowledge of the uncertainty of measurement is important for the evaluation of measurement and test results for the comparability of measurements and tests, as well as for the acceptance or rejection of products. A measurement or test result without specifying the measurement uncertainty can lead to wrong decisions of conformity with serious economic or legal consequences. But even modern devices allow no absolutely accurate analysis of a component or material. Slightest fluctuations in the testing process, the gauge or the component to be always lead to fluctuations of the measuring and Test results. These fluctuations are described by the uncertainty of measurement. In our application seminar (29.08 to 27.08.11), measurement uncertainties calculated in detail procedure of material testing and interpreted the results from customer and supplier perspective.

The seminar is aimed at professionals from the fields of quality assurance, materials testing, acceptance and inspection and damage analysis. We, the employees of material service GmbH, are specialists in materials. We operate as: inspection body accredited for products, processes and damage analyses accredited test laboratory for the testing of metals certified training facility for material testing and heat treatment recognized training centre for non-destructive testing part funded further education we qualify staff to the: specialist for materials engineering: specialist for material testing: our competence in inspection, testing and training we cover in User seminars together: for example, OES and XRF spectrum analysis: detailed information on the subject of measurement uncertainty and our seminar see. Ingo Sanjib Panda