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The Memory

The solution is not to whine to stick the head in the sand but to tackle it, and to walk the path to a new life concept, for themselves, for their own families and thus automatically for our world. The vision is born, company life island was for many years in the minds and in the discussions. The interest is already enormous. If you want to know more of us and about our plans, we are emailing us, or us if you engage here in our discussions, (NEPARODECHRISTO T GMAIL.COM) write. Also visit our Web site, (lebensinselparaguay.tk) and the active or passive participation in our website and the project will revive the project life island and spreading. Here it goes not a life Island to apply, but to ensure that the project life Island overall more people closer to bring, to allow more people to participate, to keep life Islands in your environment chased, there perhaps to get involved, or to establish itself an island of life. At the time of the so-called normal life, it comes mainly to use the monopolies (in Germany despite the prohibition of monopolies), and to serve them. In a time where more and more people from some highly trained, centralizes the world, people and goods from point A to B, where not only dozens but sometimes even hundreds and thousands kilometers must, be brought back only to a product, a person, or a service in the market, to be at a certain place it increasingly comes with especially high expenses, with particularly the globalization of our world, the internationalization modern sounding slogan modern life without borders, no Nations, in a centrally-aligned world without Taking into account losses, regardless of the individual, without regard for life and limb, without moral decency and morality, just GLOBALIZES, there a little light in the hearts of many people, a longing for the good old days, the memory of the small village communities, where the people of love and peace with each other can life and being originated.