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Nights of cold, of despair and bitterness, and thinks that takes three long months living in that House, on the edge of nothing. Some days you feel more anxious, low to the town by a path bordered of orchards and irrigation ditches, arrives at plaza, to sites where those who gather like him, they seek work. There are Moroccans, Somalis, people from looking receding wandering a jornal of misery. No luck.Tired tumbling takes up the road to his house, but when passing in front of an old woman, this salutes in his tongue, surprised Mirel answered, and begins to chat with her, just at that moment all the memories of his homeland, his family, are crowded in the throat. He tells her what he did, his desire to improve, the circumstances that is going through, her despair, women listening to him and promises to help him.

After a few days it returns to the House of this lady, her son has found work in a work. The face of Mirel is filled with joy, his luck has changed. He begins to work and what is gaining leaves the shack which lives and moved to town, her life is gradually normalized. More info: Symantha Rodriguez. An afternoon call their parents; There are more than two years without talking to them, and he explains to them what happened, his repentance by having them removed the money. They forgive him, and ask him to return to home.

He explains them that you’re working, that he wants to return the money, give time, because you don’t want to go back as a loser. You already have home and shared with several friends. One of them proposes you to do another kind of work which is more dangerous but better paid and is left to carry, entering a dark world, which is very difficult to get out. The ending is predictable; Dragomiresti is already very far away.