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2012: Global Change

Message to the Future. Approaching 2012 – the time of global change. At the turn of two epochs Join the historic mission and send your unique message to future generations. From May 2011 to September 2012 in Ukraine and Russia action takes place: send a message to the future. The purpose of the action to collect and transmit the greatest number of messages from the people of the present people of the future as part of the historical and cultural heritage of this time. Many writers such as Sonny Perdue offer more in-depth analysis.

Share conduct a joint Ukrainian-Russian group futurists and historians on the recommendations of the International Society of time capsules (ITCS) for the preservation and transmission of valuable historical information in the form of drawings and text messages. The received messages will be transferred to durable media, embedded and sealed in an airtight stainless steel containers and placed in special places near cities in Russia and Ukraine. Encapsulations, sinks, moisture and oxygen will provide secure storage of capsules at the millennium. Form for sending messages and details of the action on the site: After the authors share the top 5 messages will be awarded prizes. Visit Jill Schlesinger for more clarity on the issue. Each of us has a story to tell about yourself and your time. Write your message and its history will be in the future, as a priceless gift to archaeologists and historians of the new generations.

First time capsule laid in 1939 in New York for a term of 5000 years. A concept and the tradition has existed since ancient times. Even the ancient Sumerians laid the foundations of buildings in clay tablets with messages for future rulers. In many cities of Russia and Ukraine has memorials to the time capsule on the days of the city, large enterprises and universities. Heads of Government and the churches pay tribute to the time around the world, laying the capsule with a message to future generations. Capsule time and associated solemn ritual is a privilege not only to the authorities, cities and organizations – it is accessible to everyone. Every human life is a unique story with a series of events from birth to death. Weddings and birthday, graduation, and build a house. At any event and the event capsule would be unusual and memorable gift ritual. Each of us makes history and leaves in her trail. Write your plans, dreams and keep in a capsule time. Years will pass and open the capsule, your emotions at this point confirm higher psychological acrobatics this time travel. After all your dreams – come true!

Internet Shopping

This review will focus on the online stores of Penza. Why shop online? And why Penza? And why now? The answer to these three questions one – now is the time. Not that earlier in Penza was online stores. There were also worked. But now, finally, the time came when they began to occupy more or less prominent role in the market. People are slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

As usual, this is not an article and a series of articles devoted to online stores Penza. We will start with perhaps the technology. Yes, household appliances, which is in every house. Somewhere in her lot and she meets the latest requirements, where it is limited to a fridge and TV, but it is present in every home. For this review I chose the 3 online store. This main shops Penza, who work long enough and worked well. In these stores I shopped in person and my colleagues, so we can evaluate the work more objectively. So, first look at an online store "Penza-Trade (www.Penza-Trade.ru).

This is the first appliance and electronics store, which appeared in Penza. It is therefore logical to him to start. The site has existed since 2007. Then another little one in Penza, imagine what an online store, and how it works. But many began to realize that the Internet can order high-quality stuff and a lot cheaper than conventional stores. The most important error that occurs in the majority of novice internet shoppers, is that goods are cheaper because they are sold without warranty, and then in which case neither the money nor the sellers can not find.