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State Be-nation

We until now verify the backward movement of the call working class and the persistent dissolution of trade unionism, to which we must add the reduction of the middle-class. That commonly has been called national identity surrounds persistently in the limb. Against the globalising fact the State is impotent to respond to its inhabitants. The described original contract as it bases of the Be-nation comes undermined then every day the citizen does not find answer in its cession of rights to that being supra called State. It comprises of the evident crisis of the political institutions and the collapse of the calls leaders. This crisis of identity takes place because the common values jump by airs. The nation tends to also disintegrate and its protective package called State.

The problems are had globalised and already the Be-nation it does not have way to reach them. The problem of the contamination, with the destruction of the ozone layer; the propagation of the terrorism; of AIDS or other virosis; the internationalized financial system; the nuclear potential; the drug trafficking; the extreme poverty. Problems all that have forced the creation of transnational or supranational organizations where the word sovereignty has become hollow. Already the Be-nation is lost the monopoly of the control of the events within its territory. This transference of the old concept to supranational organizations either does not seem to cause positive results.

To it is necessary to add regionalisms and until the tribalismo. The most advanced of the processes of construction of great supranational spaces, the European, presents/displays crisis of impotence in advancing, although the existing institutions work moderately of acceptable way. The political conformation of Europe pauses in the national votings, while every day more inhabitants of the countries integrate that it are considered European, before Italian, German or Spaniards. That is to say, disintegration in the operational ranges and loss of the original sense of nationality for the sake of a major where the old Be-nation is considered as soon as a member of a much more ample community.


It seems to me that these little words have no meaning to want taking the last trick to re-materialize a project that some have identified as "autarky", although with many nuances. Who wants to remember our history, will not seek the law of historical memory, but is informed by other means and could perhaps sense that in the last century, our Paco, we plunged into misery when he tried to impose independence in the early years government, needless to say that we were in misery, for after a war between brothers, which was not stayed home or for the crumbs of the neighborhood dogs famine. It also makes me think that these little words have no meaning as wanting to keep their status, some groups of people. And before the fallacy of "who is closer to what you can do better and better solve problems, regional governments were created, instead of the regional administrations and of course!, The closest government (municipality) is ignored. Perhaps this is why when some say that Spain is one of the oldest countries or old, wanting to implement these little words, it is just a means to want to stop being so. We know that: The old fashion is not!, And the application of euthanasia is increasingly rooted. It seems to be spreading to appreciate that no old age, and the sheep, they are not going to stop, despite the burden of ignorance that characterizes them.

Well before his arrogance, disdain that exists towards the knowledge they could have obtained if they had been taught what can be learned from history and experience. Thus, while the differential elements numbered, had chances of staying as a country, despite many difficulties and setbacks, but with this project and these little words that light up at the ignorance of many citizens meadows, is this getting dug up the pit of our decadent and incipient democratic system and perhaps also the grave of our country. Credit: Randall Mays-2011. Nobody remembers what Romans said: "divide and conquer" or as they came to the disappearance of "the Andalusian" to create in their death throes Taifa kingdoms. Who does not hear the results of the little words?. lately, you hear comments like: "we must continue to keep us filled with cement our territory." "There is an obsession among certain political class to retrofit all in cement. They think they justify their pay." "We killed the goose." Growing regional autonomy, they begin to leave the county and fed dwarfs even more this process of self-destruction.

Now is to reject another level of administration that sounds like "cow" (and insists that both regional autonomy) and formally request the autonomy of the region. Differential identity arguments begin in protest against the government, claiming autonomy: Now we have torn our country, split in the middle of the region is already a fact (highway), and is stressing (high speed train ) and larger project is in (cable not few thousand watts). And the disagreements are: As if we did not have enough, before the region was still suffering from the waters of the Ter Ampurdan are going to Barcelona. And without objection, to top it, now comes the State (Madrid) accompanied by Autonomy (Barcelona) and intend to finish off the dying goose that lays the golden eggs (tourism of the Costa Brava) with the excuse of defending the coast.