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Photo reporter project of the online community autoki.de pulls photo car fans on / first members achieve Gold status not a car fan must find anymore thanks to the successful photojournalist project on autoki.de impressions of past meetings of the scene. Thousands of current photos can be found on one page, which gathers all meetings of the season. The most ardent autoki photographers can look forward now already about the status of the gold, which is awarded for five photo reports of car meetings, and have announced more projects. VW Beetle driver Knattern beetle is awarded for their comprehensive work of reporters from various car meeting with the photo reporter gold status. For each visible a photojournalist emblem in gold adorns their profile page on autoki.de now. Whether automobile classics from the 2nd and 3rd Oldtimer meeting in Euskirchen, Rheinbach Knattern beetle has classics or city festivals with a high proportion of car autoki – photo-journalist impressions gathered online community gathered and loaded into the grid. Congratulations and receives recognition it by no less industrious photo collectors.

ClioFahrer86 and VW Polo drivers DJPJ approximately can take in the circle of Gold reporter rattling beetle. That they are resting on the recently acquired status, is not to be feared. Numerous new opportunities, for which they already bookmarked and thus announced their images after dozens scene meeting, where they were on the road for the remaining members of autoki as a photo reporter, waiting for the three car fans. While Knattern beetle for the community by the that will tell Drag Day #6, ClioFahrer86 and DJPJ take care of the media presence of the 9th International VW & Audi meeting in Weyhe Bremen and the XS car night in Dresden. And many more car meeting and photo albums will follow. There are photos and reports by auto and scene meeting, as well as the ability to be even autoki – photo-journalist, see: groups/autoki-photojournalist-2008/home – meet media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin

Winter Snow Chains For Forklift Trucks

Indispensable for forklift trucks for safe driving in winter provide snow chains for trucks good grip in snow and ice like are necessary investments in operation so long hinauseschoben, until the time is overdue. As it is often the appropriate winter service equipment for motor trucks. Snow shovel or even truck snow chains – most wait until the snow falls and then the suitable snow chains for trucks must be purchased as soon as possible, because otherwise the whole operation still stands. Often, but won’t get the optimum winter chains for forklift trucks and paid at the same time more than necessary. Therefore it is just sense, in the summer with this topic to deal with – so you find not only the best steel snow chains for forklift trucks for its own needs, but may save some money. Forklift trucks are generally even much more vulnerable in the winter for snow and ice, as for example cars. stacker or whose tyres have often only a very little or none at all Profiling, so that already in smallest quantities of snow quickly restricted the maneuverability of a fork truck.

So, the entire operation can be disturbed sensitive. Therefore, the use of forklift truck snow chains for fork lift trucks is much more important than many other vehicles. According to the growing demand, many manufacturers have responded and greatly expanded its range of steel snow chains for forklift trucks in recent years. Matching truck snow chains in the trade are now available for most motor forklift and tire sizes. Depending on the usage profile and the respective fork lift trucks there are different types of trucks head chains- both for intensive use with heavy trucks, as well as for the rare use of more light trucks, the manufacturer provide numerous models of various truck snow chains. To make mistakes when buying winter snow chains for forklift trucks, a few things should be noted: the tyre size of the forklift truck plays of course an important role, because the trucks head chain must to the fit the size of the tire.