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Teide National Park

There are places that seem to be blessed by God for the incredible natural beauty and the richness of its flora and fauna. Contemplate these landscapes, renews the heart and fills us with a positive energy to the soul. Luckily, Spain has beautiful national paradores, sites with all the infrastructure to receive tourists and make you feel like a true King. And the hand of Solytravel.com, it will be possible to find the ideal place where to make a getaway weekend to recharge energies and air, or a real family holiday, to see the children enjoying the Sun and open spaces. An exquisite parador by the characteristics of the place is the parador de Las Canadas del Teide, in la Orotava, Tenerife.

What other place more charming than Tenerife, with its ideal climate and its moderate year-round temperatures. This parador is located in the mountain, over the Teide National Park, one of the treasures of humanity, and the oldest park in the Canary Islands. It is the second national park in the world by number of visitors. In his extension is nothing less than the third largest planet volcano, and the point emerged and performance in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an old building, a building in the high mountains, with terraces on the Park, and with a view to the cone of the volcano, the caldera of Chaorra (old peak) and white mountain. The caldera of a volcano is a monumental collapse in the ground, caused by a collapse of the magamatica camera, happened thousands of years ago. It’s so the land in Tenerife has acquired its peculiar physiognomy, with consideration peaks and steep slopes.

El Teide National Park is subject to a series of national and international regulations that seek to preserve a privileged environment, to preserve it from any environmental damage that could result in human presence. Only your local flora is an impressive wealth, finding more than eleven native ecosystems that are not found in any other place on Earth. Among the plant species, are It preserves a large number of specimens of the native flora of the Canary Islands, of great scientific value. Within the national paradores, the parador of la Orotava offers a top quality, not only by the comforts of the hotel, but for the incredible landscape that falls in love with the visitors, with its monumental peaks, and its climate in perfect harmony with the human soul.