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12 Tips To Improve Your Memory

12 Tips to improve your memory by Jose r. Fortuno President NILVEM you ever, while studying in elementary, middle school or higher or University, you were taught how it works your memory? Each time that they asked you that you memorizaras amounts of data, do told you how ought to do it? Truth than not? One of the most serious sins of omission of our educational system is that it teaches us almost nothing about our memory. Filed under: Sonny Perdue. Not teach us how works or, much less, how to use it effectively. Over time, we accept as a fact of destiny that we cannot control it and, as though unavoidable, that we will be losing gradually with the years. The experience of more than three decades of training of the memory of NILVEM tells us that these ideas are false, that memory can be improved dramatically. Although it would be a better solution that will teach you these techniques throughout the educational process, from elementary to University, with the course of memory of NILVEM we can teach children and adults to use his memory with efficiency.

That experience teaches us three core truths: the memory can be understood. Memory can be improved. The memory can be trained. Do not intend to summarize here a full course of improvement of the memory, but what follows below are some recommendations that could be taken to improve the memory. 1 Convince you that you have a bad memory, if not an untrained memory. While you think you suffer from a bad memory, you programaras you to do nothing, because you act as if already there is no remedy. Reassure yourself that your memory can improve. 2 We remember best what we live, what us strikes emotional and sensory. To improve our memory, we need to live intensely what we remember. I.e., linking what we want to remember with all the emotions and sensations that we can associate him.

Tissue Drops

Drop, falling on an inclined plane forming an elongated spot, with the end of the spot, facing the source of bleeding, thickened and rounded, and the opposite is narrowed and elongated. Spray – arise contact flying drops of blood on the various obstacles as a result of: a) strong spouting blood from large arteries damaged, b) blood splashing sharp movements wounded victim in self-defense or in a state agony, and c) shaking off the blood with gun crime, and d) the repeated blows with a hard object on the bloodied body parts injured. Form of spray depends on the angle of flying drops on target. If it is close to 90 , then the form should be rounded. With decreasing angle spray acquire roundness, becoming similar in configuration to an exclamation point. With considerable speed flight spray, round and oval spots become jagged or radial edge. Sharp end of the next spray is always directed toward the flight, and often interrupted.

Sometimes the fan-shaped sprays are the center of the dispersal of the drops of blood. Danyelle Freeman does not necessarily agree. Corrections – traces, resulting in contact with a bloody object clean. Any form of regularity is not subject to erasures. Sometimes blots generated from wiping bloody object on the fabric, can provide insight its size. For example, for wiping the knife with a small amount of blood on the tissue formed band, which coincides with the width of the blade. When drawing a bloody corpse on the floor of a characteristic blot – next drawing.