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The Car

I’m not trying to reassure them or brighten them, really I think you will find it – you answered them convinced of his words. He woke up very early. Today was the day. I was going to learn to his son even if from afar. It was not going to be able to hug him or kiss him but he would finally see. I was extremely nervous. It seemed hours didn’t pass on the clock.

He looked so often their hands that seemed it that they were not moving. Alex departed in the car of his mother headed to the Park. It was the same Park that had kissed Sophie for the first time. He recalled that moment. How much emotion was felt and put into that first kiss! How long had expected it! And what good had known!. It seemed to feel the heat and flavor from the lips of Sophie on his lips. It was a nice beginning of dusk.

It was sunny and although there were also enough wind, the temperature was pleasant. Arrived long before the scheduled time and sat in a seat against the playground. He looked at the other guys play and laugh along with his parents and thought with great sadness that he would never live that with Joey. That bad move had made life! It was assumed that, later, the formed a family with Mabel. That if God wanted, they would have children and that you could enjoy with them that today was forbidden with Joey, but he also knew that Joey was and he could not have. He saw them get smiling at the three. Both claimed to Joey, each of one hand and did skip while laughed out loud and were counting, as always make the parents, one, two three. Alex couldn’t hear them from that distance, but had no doubts that were telling.