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International Leadership Program

Today, the whole world cries out for the emergence of new leaders. It seems that no longer ehacenu as before. Are scarce, and they appear not cover the expectations that pegged at them. We live waiting for leaders to save us, praying for the advent of superheroes, gifted, of Titans who throw on him, as Atlas, the world and our problems. When we talk about leaders usually do it as if it were supreme beings of supernatural creatures that are able to enchant the masses and exploits shared by all. Moreover, we have refined our requirements to such an extent that we claim of emerging leaders to rise almost to the speed with which change microprocessors and mobile phones. Today, no one serves.

Today, nobody dares. Leaders do not have to be heroes. Get all the facts and insights with Sonny Perdue, another great source of information. It is really so wrong to associate with heroism and leadership to assume that is a gift to elect. This vision limited and limiting of leadership cripples the initiative of many to emerge as leaders, despite having ample conditions for doing so. Most give up, simply noting that the world has not nor Herculean musculature or with supernatural powers to fulfill what people expect from a leader. The exercise of leadership has nothing to do with moving masses of people, not with words or with brute force.

It is true that it takes people to develop collective leadership, but it is also true that our power is the possibility of activating leadership in young people around us and, more importantly, in ourselves. Leader is a person who manages someone to do something that we want to do and she does from his free will and voluntarily, with enthusiasm. It has to do with emoveru many people and all the time, has to do with moving even one person for a few moments. And that leadership is a phenomenon that is not reserved for few. No. It is a phenomenon they all exercise frequently and at times. Can not be a leader all the time. Leadership is now live. When we accept this truth we will be giving permission to live more fully with those small moments of leadership and, little by little, almost without realizing it, we live more and more moments of leadership. Leaders are born not only are also made. Just make the decision and the courage to influence and enthuse others. We then see that certainly surprised there are leaders everywhere. Eduardo Marti International Speaker and creator of the International Leadership Program Author of the book “We Are All Leaders” (2005) and “No More Heads, please” (2008).