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When you find yours, you will have taken most difficult the main step and. Now already you will know that area to attack. Then and your productivity will go off. But before happening to detect your weak points. In order to begin: You do not worry if you have All the we have. It is impossible to be the best one in everything. Only that your you will detect your limitations and you will work envelope they to eliminate them.

Because the good news is that all the limitations are superable. personally it cost to me much to bottle me in a task important during two hours followed to solve it. The interruptions and my lack of concentration killed the construction of my Web Maseficaz.com. My weak point was the discipline to submerge me in the followed most important task of and without interruptions. So I decided over everything to correct my weak point. The first days were not easy, but after 20 days trying it I obtained, it. It already could bottle me in a difficult task without raising the glance during two hours.

Then I began to notice spectacular results. It ends hundreds of pending works and my Web began to take form. Your Plan Now touches to you: When you finish reading this email, it thinks about something in which you are not good. It looks for that brake that limits to you. You detect when it, it thinks about like improving it. It writes all the solutions that are happened to you. Your advance can be so spectacular that your results will go off. A friend told me that to improve his sales he had to manage not to put itself nervous before its key clients and thus to be able to extend the product range in its appointments with them. It identified in which point of the interview was put more nervous. It was in the end, when it had to close the agreement to extend the collection. Once identified that Weak Point, one dedicated in body and soul to train visualizing a relaxed interview where it obtained that his client was convinced of the advantages to buy to him more. I stop making several things small to concentrate itself in its principal restraint. In three weeks it was able to increase to a 37% its sales with those clients. Its key was not to work more hours, but TO IDENTIFY ITS LIMITATION and to work envelope she. Now it spends 10 minutes, (with the clock in the hand), to identify something that limits and thinks to you about like improving it. Soon it takes the measures that make lack. You will notice one improves spectacular.