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From this perspective, the evaluation as a feedback system provides real benefits to its members directing them to what they should do to achieve a better academic achievement. Would to present to the students in this way goals of evaluation, and not only as it is usually done the traditional way, we would achieve a new attitude towards this process, and what is even more important, modify substantially the task of learners, since now, their efforts would be aimed at learning the content embodied in the programme of studies and consequently achieve the accreditation of matter. Let us remember that point Benedict and Cruz (2005: 87), when they indicate that it is necessary to move from the traditional approach to assessment to one that is more enriching, one to focus not on the evaluation of learning, but in assessment for learning. Without hesitation Costco explained all about the problem. They continue by saying, the evaluation determines that and how you learn, why according to the way in which raised the assessment students, is that results of learning and not others will get. For this purpose, it is necessary to implement evaluations involving students, because this perspective, is perceived to students as the last responsible for their learning, therefore you must provide them necessary information so they have knowledge about their performance and they can discover what they lack for doing. Before I conclude, We would point out, that in no way we intend to downplay the accreditation systems, since after all, they meet a social function, but only, point out that evaluations must acquire a new identity in the classroom, in order to achieve a real academic achievement by students, which necessarily implies, abandoning the old idea of evaluation as a synonym for accreditation..