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Animals and Nutrition

Scientists conducted experiments on animals, some of which receive good nutrition, and another – an excess amount of fat. As a result of this experiment the first group of animals was well adapted to life and was able to solve all facing the problem animals, as well as a beautifully developed physically. Animals also are overweight, well-fed fatty foods, such tasks could not. All this in the same measure to the man. The fact that fat prevent good absorption of much needed brain sugars, and therefore the prevalence of body fat would nullify the absorption of sugar. That is why for the development of mental abilities in the first place should lose weight, but also change your diet, the deletion of unnecessary fatty foods. Proteins = acceleration due to mental activity proteins are important, not less, than carbohydrates.

It is through protein hormone adrenaline and dopamine, which arousing the brain, accelerate all reactions, including thought processes. More energy – more productivity. Add protein to your diet, whether plant or animal origin. In this case, make sure that animal protein was not fat: fish, seafood, low fat meat. Of vegetable protein food choices is especially rich: beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, eggplant, nuts, mushrooms. Vitamins and minerals: natural makeup Practically there is no such vitamin, which would not affect the memory, reaction speed and many other features.

For example, iron, zinc and B vitamins significantly improve memory, and the lack of them in the diet essentially it worsens. Perhaps check out Chase Koch, New York City for more information. To obtain these trace elements and vitamins should absorb pepper, bread, seafood, green vegetables, beans, fruits, milk, flour products, cereals. Calcium and magnesium are responsible for activities nervous system, and since the brain consists of nerve cells that transmit impulses between them is of paramount importance for the brain as a whole. These trace elements are contained in dairy products, bananas, peanuts, oranges, wheat germ and dried apricots. We should not rush to the artificial vitamins sold in the pharmacy. The best are those that are contained in natural products, especially since all of the above products are not in short supply. Overeating – tug Even observing a correct diet is not easy sometimes misused by some especially delicious and favorite foods. It would be wrong to think that the more beneficial for the brain of the product we eat at one time, the easier it will be for us to think. On the contrary, the more we eat, the less force remains in the body in any activities other than digestion: immediately after the regular meal, blood rushes into the digestive organs, instead of the brain. Thus, mental activity slows down, and for a few hours we are unable to actively think and work. To solve this problems reconsider your diet in the middle of working or school day: eliminate heavy and fatty foods, decrease portions of starchy carbohydrates, but can lean on protein – it will stimulate mental activities. Do not neglect, and water! American studies have shown a marked improvement in school students with frequent use of clean drinking water throughout the school day. But do not confuse the water with the coffee: caffeine dehydrates the body, but in higher concentrations and does give effect opposite to that which he is usually credited. Thus, here are the basic rules of food "for thought: 1. Do not overeat 2. Replace sugar with carbohydrates 3. Eat protein 4. Drink more water

Benefits of Cranberries

Useful properties of cranberry are due to its sour taste, the content of biologically active substances is the leader among all wild berries. Cranberry juice is useful for treating and preventing colds. Cranberries have antipyretic properties, perfectly quench thirst and eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the body during illness. This berry contains a lot of pectin and tannins, B vitamins, which strengthens the nervous system, maintain the beauty of hair and skin, as well as valuable trace elements: potassium, magnesium and iodine. Useful properties of cranberries, due to high content of flavonoids and vitamin pp, more complete absorption of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid).

And it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound healing and restorative effect. Healing properties of cranberries are not preserved by boiling, because vitamin C is destroyed by high temperatures, so when cooking cranberry juice berries do not boil, and squeeze juice from them, and boiled with sugar, peel and pulp residues (to give Morse scarlet), and then add the cooled beverage squeezed cranberry juice. Also useful for colds cranberry juice mixed with honey. The benefits of cranberries can say a lot: Cranberry, itself a natural antibiotic, strengthens the action of antibiotics, so it will help with treatment of cystitis, nephritis, female inflammatory diseases. When cystitis should drink 100 ml of cranberry juice a day for half an hour before a meal, this will prevent the exacerbation of the disease. Cranberry helps even in the treatment of gastric ulcers, but it fits only for preventive purposes.

Although she and bacteriostatic Helikabakter pylori provoking ulcer, but if the disease has appeared, it is better not to experiment. Medicinal properties of cranberries used in the treatment of many diseases: it is recommended for varicose veins, as cranberry improves the strength and elasticity of capillaries and blood vessel walls, cranberries eaten fresh or processed form of gastritis (when decreased gastric acidity), inflammation of the pancreas, and colitis. Fresh and processed berries enhance the flow of gastric juice. Cranberry improves appetite, assimilation of food, normalizes digestive system. These berries protect against kidney stone formation. The benefits of cranberries is the fact that it helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, so it is useful for pregnant women (for prevent edema), as well as slimming. Cranberry helps strengthen the immune system, cranberry juice, mixed with with beetroot – perfect prevention of hypertension. even in dentistry is shown the therapeutic effect of the berry: cranberry prevents bacterial growth, protecting the teeth from caries and gum from inflammation. In favor of cranberry says an analysis of antioxidants in various fruits and berries, conducted by scientists. Cranberry bypassed all the content Antioxidants: * 100 grams of cranberries – 373 mg * pear medium size – 317 mg * Half a cup of dark grapes – 296 mg * Apple midsize – 256 mg * Cherry – 231 mg * Strawberries (8 medium berries) – 195 mg. But there are contraindications. Cranberry is contraindicated in gastritis with hyperacidity, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, liver diseases.

Pizza To Order For A Holiday On March 8

Pizza from unleavened dough, stuffed with cheese, vegetables, meats and seafood are usually considered to be traditional. Loving Italians invented special dessert pizzas, which are very popular for women. Dessert pizzas are baked in form a circle or ring. As a sauce for the dessert pizza used yogurt and sweet syrups. Fruit filling, which can spread on pizza, both before and after baking, generously sprinkled with powdered sugar. For lovely Ladies inventive pitstseyollo invented pizza, in dough to which is added to the powdered sugar and ground coffee.

For the filling use a mixture of goat cheese with a special kind of sugar and coffee. Would you like to see the excitement in his eyes darling? In the March 8 make a reservation for dinner, pizza with coffee. For many centuries, people know that the libido depends on edible, food. Amorous desire and stamina improve mushrooms, bird eggs, cheese, peppers, sprouted grains, nuts and carrots. All of these products are usually used when cooking pizzas. Excellent aphrodisiac spices are also required to bake pizza – oregano, black pepper and basil.

Hour order pizza in St. Petersburg – the perfect choice for a hot meal visits, allowing hunger and giving strength to love feats. The desire to love is understandable and natural. St. Valentine's Day and March 8 is desire to please his beloved original gift. For the festive evening together would be nice to order a pizza. On Web sites, pizzerias possible to order pizza in St. Petersburg and its delivery around the clock and free you of worries about the "daily bread". Good choice of pizza will make the holiday an unforgettable evening. Ordering the dinner delicious, hot pizza, you will save time and energy for the fruit, jewelry love nest, the choice of wine and a search gift. When ordering pizza for a romantic dinner in Valentine's Day, give up those products, which are used for stuffing ham, ham, sausage or pepperoni. Meat – a product, heavy to digest, so this night and your lover was tireless and energetic, order a pizza with cheese and vegetables. Preferable to a pizza washed down with a dry grape wine.

Russian Cuisine

We live in Russia and many of us wanted to know about the origins of culinary art in Russia. It is from this direction, we will acquaint you today. In Russia since time immemorial, people engaged in the cultivation of crops such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat and millet. In this regard, was discovered the recipe for yeast dough. It is therefore not surprising abundance of all kinds of pastries, which has been observed in Russian cuisine, it's pancakes, all sorts of recipes pies, muffins, cakes, pie, etc.

Apart from a large assortment of pastries, we are witnessing a great abundance of recipes for all kinds of cereals and soups. Not without reason the Russian proverb says – "Soup and porridge – our food." Russian cuisine without the soup, it is not Russian cuisine. That is why this famous soup has more than fifty different recipes, this soup with sauerkraut and meat, sour soup with mushrooms, cabbage lazy, nettle soup, etc. No less popularity and diverse enjoy the recipes cold soups made on the basis of kvass present radish or beet broth (, beetroot soup). On the Diversity of soups in Russian cuisine can talk a lot, no country in the world do not make such a riches soup in Russia.

No one meal does not cost the Russian had no pickles whether it's pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. Main meat dishes of game meat and pets (in particular famous recipe for goose stuffed with millet) baked in whole or in large pieces in the Russian stove. It turned out delicious stew, the taste is difficult to convey. Now, in many cafes and restaurants that specialize in Russian cuisine recreate authentic recipes with great success. We can not say about the aspic, which earlier in the villages prepare for the holidays, and in different regions of Russia aspic recipe was different, that did not prevent enjoy the variety of its flavors. In conclusion, I want to say about the diversity of Russian recipes drinks such as kvass, juice, jelly, which will offer you any self-respecting restaurant or cafe, offering Russian cuisine.