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Federal Environment Minister

A few days ago, ThomasLloyd directed a Congress, the approximately 700 participants from industry, politics and press long will remain in the memory. We have concentrated on a day, rarely, heard so many industry specialists and suddenly get so many bundled information”, a participant said. ThomasLloyd global investment banking and investment management company with a central focus on the areas of Cleantech and sustainability has therefore become reputation meet, to make clear the chances of socially responsible investment. Initially, the first speaker of the day, the head of the IFO Institute, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn, and Federal Environment Minister (ret’d), Prof. Dr.

analyzed Dr. Carrier wanted to know more. mult. Klaus Topfer, controversial as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, which would be way just for the Federal Republic of Germany the right to implement the energy revolution. Especially the economic perspective made sense this clearly, that energy is already an international issue at the China and India a greater role play as, for example, Europe. “Meaning literally in the light of 51 nuclear power plants planned in China: while we have prematurely declared the phase-out of nuclear energy, plan and build almost all countries of this world new reactors and get us as a competitive advantage.” The knowledge was common two, that you find a way out of the conventional energy supply should the current primary energy sources are coal, gas, oil and uranium limited to available. So the energy policy spokesman of the FDP, Rene Rock as well as t.u. Michael Sieg as Chairman and CEO of ThomasLloyd and Klaus Peter cherry as head of investment management took part, resulted because even in the discussion, in addition to the professors of sense and pottery also different approaches was also clear: on a new alignment to internationally not comingthat you want to create even remotely acceptable living conditions for the people of this planet or get. At least 1.4 billion have so far People around the world not and about a billion only temporary access to electricity.

The access to electricity is synonymous with economic growth and thus increase the quality of life. What are the chances have infrastructure investments especially in the area of renewable energies, pointed out of investment banking head following Anthony Coveney, of ThomasLloyd. The possible investment vehicles”in relation to the target group of investors then analyzed Philip Rusch as Director investment banking in America. Thus he established at the same time, why ThomasLloyd retail has opted for a solution of the bond as well as a fund solution. Matthias Altieri, head of solar energy, made the selection processes of ThomasLloyd clear that precede an investment and a renewable energy system to make a kalkulier – and predictable investment at specific project examples. These investment opportunities presented founder and CEO T.U.. Michael Sieg ThomasLloyd following and made it clear that ThomasLloyd admits the chance for the first time private investors from the know-how institutional investors to benefit.

Special Project Trading

So we invite you to the installation level of OS-direct at mail order World 2008 (1-2 October, Wiesbaden, stand? 220 Halle2) to visit. “Germany: run the Ukrainians ‘Special project from the DM agency OS-direct (Ukraine) for mail order World 2008’, Wiesbaden our time can indeed be described as epoch of the stereotypes. The rapid course of life leaves us no time for thinking time stamping off we make about any events, things, people, all for always our opinion, and often we never think about such things. There is similar even at the global, intergovernmental and international relations? “With this question the OS-direct company focused on”during the preparation to participate in the largest remote action lineup and Congress mail order World 2008”, 1-2 October taking place in Wiesbaden, Germany. “And in such a way was a series of caricatures of Germany: run the Ukrainians” managed on those of the Ukrainian designer (Sergey Naberezhnich, Viktor Tschumatschev) that are represented with performances of Ukrainians about Germany and its people. On these images, one can notice German pedantry, addiction to order and also the caution. But some cartoons push the problems of our time in pursuit of independence in the area of energy, and the ability to understand the peculiarities of each people and to accept, and even addiction to catalog shopping.

On establishing a total of 20 images are shown, providing an opportunity for visitors to the OS-direct stand, to publicize the activities of the Agency and to spend some pleasant moments. So we invite you to the installation level of OS-direct at mail order World 2008 (1-2 October, Wiesbaden, stand? 220 Halle2) to visit. Information DM agency OS-direct is a local Ukrainian Agency, which was founded in 1998. Within the 10 years that was on the Agency grew from the small mail Agency until the large marketing group, all DM services its own technological base offer. OS-direct – your partner for market development in the Ukraine

Portal Project: German Metallers In The Netherlands

670,000 employees are active in North Rhine-Westphalia in the metal industry, together with the electrical sector, she is the most important industrial sector in Germany. 70 percent of German companies are small or medium-sized businesses. In the Netherlands, an acute skills shortage in the metal industry is expected in the next few years–many who leave because of his age, cannot be replaced. Therefore the demand in the Netherlands for foreign specialists from Germany. Conversely, Dutch suppliers can help German machine builders. In the area of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, there will be more and more need to Exchange across national borders in the metal industry in the next few years.

Entrepreneurs who already want to adapt to this trend, get jump start the portal project. On March 3 a company visit at the industrial company will take place in the Dutch’s Heerenberg te Booy parts, which is already successfully borders. Te Booy provides, inter alia, steel and plastic parts for the automotive industry, the construction sector and the chemical industry. After the tour and presentation of the company, the opportunity to socialize and to meet like-minded people from the neighbouring country is at a networking event. Right in the following week, on March 12, there will be also a specific event, which is expected to take place in the Dutch Terborg. This explains the peculiarities of the Dutch metal industry and discussed opportunities for German companies.

Also the participants lets networks after the official part in a relaxed atmosphere”. Participation in both events is free of charge, but it is requesting registration via the website. The portal project for entrepreneurs also offers individual support those who register now, can get refunded various fees up to 70 percent. This includes costs for legal or tax advice can one but also the translation Include company Web site or brochure. The maximum aid is EUR 5,000. The portal project that wants to portal project facilitate the step on the market of the neighbouring country small and medium-sized enterprises in the border region. This project is an initiative of the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, the industry and lower Rhine in Duisburg, as well as the Handwerkskammer Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce. The project is co-financed by the EU program INTERREG IIIA of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the ministries of economy of the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia and the province of Gelderland. More info on the project: media contacts: Mediamixx Frank Wobbeking and Maike Gustorf Tiergarten road 64 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821 711 56 10 fax: 02821 711 56 39 E-Mail:, Web: part-financed by the EU program INTERREG IIIA of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the economic ministries of the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia and by the province of Gelderland.