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Common information day by TeleTrusT Federal IT security association and ADM working group of German market and Social Research Institute e.V. Berlin, 16.10.2013: the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) and the Working Group of German market and Social Research Institute e.V. (ADM) focus on the 16.10.2013 in Berlin on a common information day titled “Security in market research”, to allow an interdisciplinary discussion of the subject with the wide-ranging expertise of both associations. Market research is today unthinkable without the use of IT. Information technology-based methods and tools will increasingly gain in importance. “Social media” and “Big Data” and the “Internet of things” open up a multitude of new possibilities of the scientific understanding of market research. The two groups shared understanding of IT security as a technical expression of privacy is a prerequisite for the trust of the survey and evaluation methods. Planned topics: Privacy market research through self-regulation; -Protection and security of data by panel participants; -ISO 27000 in market research; Security on mobile devices; -Data security for dual frame sampling; -Biometrics for market research; -Face detection in market research; -Video analysis using an anonymous face detection.

Programme and registration see: events/research/2013 / TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. Through the broad membership and partner organizations, TeleTrusT embodies the greatest competence network for security in Germany and Europe. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificates “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) and “TeleTrusT engineer for system security” (T.E.S.S.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin.

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