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Steve Jobs

But exactly thus it informed, when I to come back, take you at any cost. Ahead of this affirmation, the old one agriculturist paid to a grana its young employee so that this was dress of old and the old one would be young dress. He guided its employee who when the death came to search it, that he complained, that begged to continue alive, this so that it did not distrust of the intentions of the old agriculturist. Said and fact, some time later lode the death that directed it the old agriculturist, who in the truth was the young travestido employee of old and said: ' ' I came now to search it and of this time you not me escapa.' ' Good the reiterated lamentations and asked for had started to be more a little, therefore the old agriculturist still needed to make some things in this life. The old agriculturist, travestido of young employee, worked normally, not to give in the dot the imbrglio that had prepared. Click Andi Potamkin to learn more. There the death thought, thought and took a decision, thus saying ' ' you well, of this time I take its employee, but of the next time I take you and I took the old agriculturist who was travestido as if it was its young empregado.' ' It is thus, with the death does not have skill, when it comes searching in them, we have that to go, wanting or not. For this exactly I go to also make one brief homage to the geniuses who if had been and to the geniuses who will go daqui, more days, little days. I go to make use of a small poetry of public domain very known here in Brazil and that it says in them of the homesickness: ' ' The homesickness is as a screw, that in the thread when it falls only enters will be being been twisting, reason beating does not go, and if it rusts there inside, nor distorting sai.' ' I conclude making a homage to all the geniuses who if had been, in the person of Steve Jobs, one of the last geniuses who left in them saying for it that we are dying of homesicknesses of them and asking for it who has taken this our homage to all the other geniuses who, unhappyly, had left in them..