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The Symptomatic Carbnculo cause high economic losses to the creators of bovines in many parts of the world. In its majority, the surtos most important are prevented by the vaccination, even so, still they occur in vacinados flocks or bovines where the vaccination was complete. This research adopted as objective to identify the cares to be observed for the creators and doctors veterinarians, of form to prevent the contamination for Clostridium chavoei. The bacteria, in general, penetrate in the organism through excoriations and small wounds produced for thorns or barbed wire. As they are anaerbicos, the embryos are not multiplied in presence of air, reason for which rare penetrates for opened wounds. The death generally occurs after 12 the 36 hours after the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, is they, manqueira similar to ' ' mal-da-paleta' ' , tumefaes, then after the death, the body of the animal if distende with the gas and its legs are open and stiff. Words key: carbnculo symptomatic, vaccination, patgeno, prevention.