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Local Market

The minimum fluctuation in a local market can bring about a turbulence in the world-wide market. The globalisation has caused a fragility so in our planet, that the mini fissure can make stagger it and fall. Local events such as the hypothecating crisis in the USA, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, directly affects the prices of the international merchandise and threatens the stability of the world-wide economy. The way of exit and the wonderful thing of it is that the Nature, what capable judge, punishes to us according to our development, because as sees our eyes, at the most the humanity is developed, as much majors are the pains and sufferings to obtain to our sustenance. Baal HSulam, La Paz the Cabal standard that the humanity is crossing two parallel processes: On the one hand, it is being pushed to us to unite to us and to work like a single body. On the other, the human egoism is growing constantly. Of a form or another one the humanity will have to give a turn to its egoism and to work like a single body.

But instead of to have to undergo blows that force to carry out east change to us, the intriguers suggest we are we ourself those that we control and we take the control from the process. When learning about this general system and its principles, we will understand what changes to implement in our social systems in order to balance them with the Nature, and to prosper in all the scopes of our lives, including in the economic one.